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Attach all electrical cables in 35 seconds or less in "Thermal"

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01 May 2020 01 May 2020
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Much Easier in Co-Op! But still possible solo!😎

We need to collect 4 Wires:
- Blue Wire is in the Plum-Colored Shed
- Green Wire is above that shed. (Use box to get up)
- Yellow Wire is next to the Big Drill
- Red Wire is upstairs in the Control Room

#1 TIP: Set yourself up for success! Lay the end of the wires next to the ports that have the same color. At least for the Bottom Row

#2 TIP: Start with a Wire in each hand. So your first 2 plug-ins are SUPER QUICK.

#3 TIP: You can Restart by simply unplugging them all if you didn't do it fast enough

#4 TIP: Time Starts when you plug in the 1st wire, and stops when you plug in the last one.

Video Guide🏆: