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Complete a level with only Amadeus

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Before you start reading / using this solution you have to know this is more a preparation guide with tipps. There are no tricks or short cuts to skip parts of the level.

It can be helpful and recommendable to do this in your second playthrough after you collect all / as much as possible items from the chests / crates; collect all the / as much as possible green exp. bottles and use level select.

This doesn't work in coop!

Helpful Items:

- Gem of Resurrection (found in Chapter 13 "Bramblestoke Village")
revives from death one time
- Health Vial (inventory) (found in Chapter 10 "Shadowthorn Thicket")
restore autom. 25 % health
- Energy Vial (inventory) (found in Chapter 3 "Wolvercote Catacombs")
restore autom. 30 % mana
- Wolfgang's Music Box (found in Chapter 13 "Bramblestoke Village")
Increases number of boxes by 2
- Blue Masterstone (found in Chaper 8 "Throne of the Lost King")
Increases number of boxes by 1
- Victor's Crown (found in Chapter 14 "Iron Forge")
Increases number of planks by 2
- Red Masterstone (found in Chapter 11 "Ruins of the Perished")
Increases number of planks by 1
- Statue of the Eagle (found in Chapter 8 "Throne of the Lost King")
Reduces energy cost of levitation
- Enchanted Energy Crystal (found in Chapter 5 "Crystal Caverns")
Increase effect of Mana Vials by 20 %
- Prism of Light (found in Chapter 10 "Shadowthorn Thicket")
25% more health and energy from checkpoints

You can also use others (which increase Health / Mana or damage protect) but this are the ones which make the most sense imo.

- Chapter 2 ( Academy Hallways) - Easy

In the beginning you automatically start as the magician (Amadeus). If the "game helps" (the big game pad) not disappear from your screen just hit the back button to switch in and out your inventory.

It's helpfull to know the enemy spawns and the trigger points so you can walk slowly and create boxes before you activate them.
Try to hit enemys from above or behind, because they can destroy your boxes with their swords when you attack from the front.
Another possible way is to jump and stand on them so they can't get back up. Create a plank over your head, release it and run to the sight. With the right timing the plank will hit the enemy after or by getting up.
But you can also try to skip them by running through, but be carefull sometimes they will follow you in the next area if you have to stop there for creating boxes / planks.

If you use the planks to walk safely over the thorns it's recommendable to use two or three of them on top of each other. Or you can try to build a bridge with two boxes and one plank.

The room with the checkpoint / blue orb (the 3rd from the beginning), the two iron gates left and right is the first tricky part but not hard.
Don't enter the room, just stand under the first iron gate, create a box in the middle, go forward to activate the orb, then back to the left side and grab the box. (you can also look to the solution for the achievement "Whoops!")

If you think that there are other parts in the chapter which are complicated and should also be explained by me please let me know.

If there are some mistakes or misunderstandings in my translation, please let me know. I'll correct that immediately.