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Master all Weapon Mods in a single save slot

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04 May 2020 04 May 2020
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I managed to get this no problem (as I see there are comments about it glitching) so what I did was, I played through the entire campaign and completed it without using cheats, (playing as normal. if you complete gun mastery for certain guns before you reach the end don't worry about it ) I used the gun mastery tokens when i got them on whatever I wanted

then once the game was finished I went back and started farming them here is a list of all required gun mastery challenges. (and levels included on where to farm)

Combat Shotgun - Exultia
- Five Spot: Destroy 25 Arachnatron turrets with a Sticky Bomb
Combat Shotgun - Super Gore Nest
- Salvo Extender: Kill 15 Pinkies with the Full Auto mod
Heavy Cannon - Cultist Base
- Bottomless Missiles: Hit three enemies with a single salvo of missiles, 15 times.
Heavy Cannon - Cultist Base
- Headshot Blast: Get 75 Precision Bolt headshot kills
Plasma Rifle - Cultist Base
- Power Surge: Kill two demons with a single Heat Blast, 30 times.
Plasma Rifle - Cultist Base
- Concussive Blast: Kill at least one demon with the Microwave explosion, 15 times.
Rocket Launcher - Cultist Base
- Explosive Array: Kill 60 enemies while the Proximity Flare is active
Rocket Launcher - Super Gore Nest
- Dual Lock: Kill 15 Prowler demons with the Lock-on burst.
Super Shotgun - Cultist Base
- Flaming Hook: Kill 50 enemies with the super shotgun while grappled onto them.
Ballista - MarsCore
- Instant Salvo: Kill 20 Cacodemons with the Arbalest
Ballista - Cultist Base
- Incremental Blade: Kill at least three enemies with the Destroyer Blade, 15 times.
Chaingun - Cultist Base
- Ultimate Cooling: Kill 5 enemies with a single turret without overheating, ten times.
Chaingun - Cultist Base
- Shield Launch: Deal 20,000 damage while Energy Shield is active.

since it seems people are having issues with the plasma rifle one, i left that till last.

hope it help