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Beat Area 150

Complete Area 150 in any adventure or variant

Beat Area 1500
1 guideOnline Game Mode - These achievements require a connection to live services, such as Xbox Live, for playing an online game mode, for sharing content, accessing leaderboards, or validating data with a server.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.
06 May 2020 06 May 2020
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Pretty simple to get just by playing the game.

Easiest way is to complete one of the primary quests and run through it as Free Play. Use your Huge Potions to gain Hit Points, Attack Power, Click Power, and Speed until the end of your run, and Familiars to autoclick and autocollect.

Buy upgrades to your characters as soon as you have the money, and reset the run when you get to a point where the characters can't level up easily and the mobs aren't dying. (Preferably when the amount of Torm Favor added is significant)

Rinse and Repeat