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Play a full game of Ancient on Classic

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19 May 2020 19 May 2020
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This one is pretty simple. You need to play a full 18 hole CLASSIC game for this to unlock.

Your performance doesn't matter, so you can play as you like, but there is a quick way to get this achievement.

* Choose OFFLINE from the main menu (means there's no waiting for others to take shots)
* Choose "MODE: CLASSIC" (do not customise or it will void the achievement)
* Press cn_start to start the game
* When ready to take your first shot, press cn_start and choose "FORFEIT HOLE" (this will instantly end the hole)
* Repeat for all 18 holes

Should take 5 minutes for this achievement this way.
TGB70No need to hit the ball just forfeit all holes as they come up achievement pops takes like 2-3 min. Great solution BTW.
Posted by TGB70 on 07 Jun 20 at 06:45
I AM CULLYNot sure why you copy/pasted that message in 7 of my guides, but none of them say to hit a single ball.
Posted by I AM CULLY on 08 Jun 20 at 04:08