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Play a full game with a custom game mode

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This one is pretty simple. You need to play a full 18 hole CUSTOM game for this to unlock.

Your performance doesn't matter, so you can play as you like, but there is a quick way to get this achievement.

* Choose OFFLINE from the main menu (means there's no waiting for others to take shots)
* Choose "COURSE: ANY" (I chose twilight)
* Highlight MODE, and press cn_A to bring up the game settings.
* Press cn_A on any mode on the left (I chose Classic), then modify the settings on the right. (any settings, just make them different to default)
* Press cn_X to apply these changes. You can tell your game is custom because the mode will say "Classic (Custom)", or whatever type you chose.
* Then press cn_start to start the game
* When ready to take your first shot, press cn_start and choose "FORFEIT HOLE" (this will instantly end the hole)
* Repeat for all 18 holes

Should take 5 minutes for this achievement this way.

NOTE: on the main menu, there is an cn_LB "customise" option. This is custom ball settings, not the custom match settings needed for this achievement.
SpudimusPrime89Another option is you can give yourself a Max Shots Per Round of 1. It makes the holes go by quicker.
Posted by SpudimusPrime89 on 31 May 20 at 11:46
BigSneddz90Worked a treat 👍🏻
Posted by BigSneddz90 on 02 Jun 20 at 23:11
LostGamesTHANK YOU! This is way quicker then what I've seen from guides on YouTube
Posted by LostGames#4189 on 08 Jun 20 at 07:43
V3ntilatorThere is another way to do this. Set the timer to 30 seconds.
Let the game run by itself for all 18 holes. No need to click anything between holes.
Achievement pops up when all 18 holes timed out.
Posted by V3ntilator on 09 Aug 20 at 17:21
ReapOfKarmathank you
Posted by ReapOfKarma on 11 Dec 20 at 11:45