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Golf With Your Friends

Play a hotseat or online game

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19 May 2020 19 May 2020
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There are 2 options to get this achievement. You can play any online mode, or you can play hotseat, which is offline, 2+ player alternate shot mode. For the purposes of this guide, I'm going to show you the quickest way to get this achievement since your performance doesn't matter.

You need to play a full 18 hole HOTSEAT game for this to unlock. To set one up....

* Choose OFFLINE from the main menu (means there's no waiting for others to take shots)
* Choose "COURSE: ANY" (I chose forest)
* Choose "MODE: ANY" (not sure if a custom game voids this achievement).
* Press cn_RB to add a second player (you do not need a second controller for this).
* Press cn_start to start the game
* When ready to take your first shot, press cn_start and choose "FORFEIT HOLE" (this will instantly end the hole).
* Repeat for all 18 holes

Should take 5-10 minutes for this achievement this way.
FruityWuityCan confirm that playing a custom game mode will not void this achievement.
Posted by FruityWuity on 19 May 20 at 22:09
Grape VansYeah it works with all the achievements for dunk, custom, hockey, might as well double them up
Posted by Grape Vans on 24 May 20 at 21:45
vl3tH4l1tYvYes, @FruityWuity's suggestion is still helpful/working. Custom game will not void this cheevo
Posted by vl3tH4l1tYv on 22 Nov 20 at 18:54
AradorI played an online game but didn't get this Achievement
Posted by Arador on 14 Jan at 02:56
AradorGot it on the next one
Posted by Arador on 14 Jan at 05:16