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Stay on Target

Go out of bounds 50 times

Stay on Target0
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PuR3 SukPuR3 Suk405,134
19 May 2020 22 May 2020
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you can find a spot on every course where you can just continuously hit the ball out of bounds. I would recommend to continue doing that with your settings altered. Set it for unlimited shots and time.


Just load up worms and turn around and keep hitting it off of the edge
Tankk OGI actually just forfeited a hole and this popped.? It was my 2nd achievement after going out of bounds only twice.
Posted by Tankk OG on 21 May 20 at 14:08
PuR3 Sukthat's very weird but hey if that works then it works i guess?
Posted by PuR3 Suk on 21 May 20 at 14:38
corpiratePlay anything on WORMS, customise the settings to infinite shots/timer etc. Fire up hole 1, then turn around and shoot - you don't even have to shoot that hard to drop in to the water below.

Rinse, repeat.
Posted by corpirate on 22 May 20 at 21:45
PuR3 SukFixed it thanks for the info.
Posted by PuR3 Suk on 22 May 20 at 23:34