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Nice shot!

Get an albatross

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20 May 2020 20 May 2020
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Very easy place to get this is Oasis hole 4, playing classic mode. Don’t adjust your aim and put just less than 3 full bars of power on the shot it should be a hole in one on the par 4 giving you an albatross.

For those who prefer video examples I’ve linked it below. For speed you can forfeit the first 3 holes if you only want this achievement.

DF I PhoenixI did a hotseat game (for the achievement), and up to the hole your video shows, I let the guest account hit the Albatross while I don't, and this did nothing. So you have to do it with your main player if playing Hotseat.
Not a big info, but in case people thought this could be attempted faster in hotseat, it's not faster

EDIT : Also did an albatross on a custom game (while going for the custom full game achievements) and it didn't unlock either, so you have NOT to have custom settings
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 20 May 20 at 16:43
AlyssiyaGreat solution! Thank you
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Posted by Alyssiya on 21 May 20 at 01:00
Faytal GoddessThank you for this! I got it first try. :)
Posted by Faytal Goddess on 29 May 20 at 08:36
FloriDUH JBotThere is a somewhat narrow range to get the power meter right. I found on the current X1 version that it is about 2 full bars plus 80% of the 3rd.
Posted by FloriDUH JBot on 05 Jun 20 at 11:04
LITIG8RI don't understand how anyone could have down voted this.
Posted by LITIG8R on 23 Aug 20 at 02:02
ThatYetiThanks! Worked great!
Posted by ThatYeti#2002 on 14 Nov 20 at 11:48
AgileDukePerfect guide, got it first try
Posted by AgileDuke on 30 Jan at 15:08
AdultManBabyAmazing guide thanks for the help
Posted by AdultManBaby on 30 Jan at 19:52
Ohh WerdFirst try, great vid!
Posted by Ohh Werd on 15 Feb at 13:13