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That was a rocky road

Get par or better on CandyLand classic

That was a rocky road-0.2
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21 May 2020 21 May 2020
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Great guide just posted by Ghostzapper on Youtube. All credit to him for the great guide. Check out his channel as he's uploading more videos of the under par challenges for the courses with the new physics.

Just follow these shots exactly and you'll have tons of room to spare for the par, even if you miss quite a few shots.

Goots 88Was able to get this achievement with this updated video. Still some shots, in particular, hole 1 was very different. Ended up having to do 3 bars and about 80% of last ball to get it to hold the green. With some tweaks and luck, got it 3rd try! Thanks ghostzapper.
Posted by Goots 88 on 21 May 20 at 18:21
HamerI just did hole 1 in par
Posted by Hamer on 22 May 20 at 05:18
MGLegendSame. No need to try that shot endlessly when it only saves one shot and par will do. I ended up being so far under par with the guide that going into the last hole I didn’t even need to play it. Thanks for the guide!
Posted by MGLegend on 22 May 20 at 12:31
nightw0lfPerfect. His videos are the best I've seen for this game.
Posted by nightw0lf on 23 May 20 at 07:38
SlavenBOSSGot 35, really good guide and quick aswell, straight to the point
Posted by SlavenBOSS on 23 May 20 at 08:14
JeroenRosWorked like a charm, scored par -13 :)
Posted by JeroenRos on 24 May 20 at 12:44
cathair9292Literally none of these worked for me
Posted by cathair9292 on 25 May 20 at 18:15
KurenaiTsuki XThanks!
Posted by KurenaiTsuki X on 26 May 20 at 22:28
Tw1std Nitem4reCandyland was one of the easier ones and enjoyable too.
Posted by Tw1std Nitem4re on 29 May 20 at 21:05
YAT0Great guide just did par on hole one but had around 14 shots to spare at the end
Posted by YAT0 on 03 Jun 20 at 20:25
metallicafan459Great guide - I messed up

Hole 3 - didn’t get through the hole and scored 6,
Hole 10 - ended up with 5 shots
Hole 18 - 5 shots again

Ended up 9 under par.

Anyone following this, the first few holes don’t give you many shots, so stay with it and you’ll make them up later on in the course
Posted by metallicafan459 on 19 Jun 20 at 07:16
planchetflawI made a few mistakes and got 36. So if you mess up anything just keep going. The hardest holes for me were the first 2. Haha.
Posted by planchetflaw on 18 Aug 20 at 05:31
Twigleaf Twigswoot good fast video. perfect way to do these, as its precise and less fiddling 2 min per hole aiming.
Posted by Twigleaf Twigs on 22 Sep 20 at 06:35
thatNoseyParkerEither the physics changed or he’s talking out his arse lol. First 3 holes have never behaved the way his do...

My tips are
Hole 1: reduce power by no more than 1/4 of a bar for a safe 2 shot (full power sent it off map).
Hole 2: if you manage to get it other side of the tube but the wrong half I.e. over the wall from the hole (hard to describe lol), then use about 1 + 1/4 bar up the ramp to get a easy 2-3 shot hole.
Posted by thatNoseyParker on 25 Sep 20 at 11:43
sandar666Sweet video, Ghostzapper! Even a terrible player like me aced this course!
Posted by sandar666 on 14 Oct 20 at 15:18
Inspector BlakeDo thatNoseyParker advice for the first couple of holes, I kept ballsing up hole 1 when following the video till I read the comments, thanks thatNoseyParker
Posted by Inspector Blake on 18 Oct 20 at 15:37
rocking23nfthanks, finished 12 under with scoring 7 over on one of the holes.
Posted by rocking23nf on 20 Oct 20 at 05:26
DeathHuntsUsBrilliant Guide
Posted by DeathHuntsUs on 18 Nov 20 at 21:19
HODDER 135I'm doing every hole pixel perfect and failing better guides on YouTube
Posted by HODDER 135 on 23 Nov 20 at 15:07
TheOnlyMattoforfeited the last hole and still came up 5 under. Ty!
Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 20 Jan at 06:14