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The First Of Many Courses

Collect a piece of scannable information

The First Of Many Courses0
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27 May 2020 27 May 2020
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Here is my 100% Achievement guide for Deliver Us The Moon!

This is a nice easy one to start us off.
During the game there are 4 main types of collectables to obtain.
Moonman Comics, Scannable Items (Usually a big item that turns blue once you approach it), Audio clips (Green audio clips that are usually in your general direction) & Holograms, Very obvious as they are big well.. Holograms you can see from a mile off and have to press X to interact with it.

For this first achievement, when you begin the game and go outside for the first time, you will go down some steps and directly infront of you will be your first BIG scannable item. Press and hold cn_RT on said item, and this unlocks straight away! :)

Go to 4:25 in the video to see where and how it unlocks.

Hope This Helps!