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Maxed Out and Geared Up

Equip a gear set consisting of fully enchanted items (3 enchantment slots upgraded to level 3).

Maxed Out and Geared Up-1.2
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27 May 2020 29 May 2020
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You need to equip fully enchanted weapon, armor and off-hand (bow). Fully enchanted means that the item should have 3 enchantment slots and they should all be upgraded to level 3.

You will start seeing items with 3 enchantment slots once you start playing in Adventure difficulty. As far as I can tell, Default difficulty does not spawn items of this kind. You can upgrade items by pressing Y on the item, pressing left/right to select the enchantment and then A to upgrade. Each upgrade requires enchantment points that you get for leveling up. Regular enchantment costs 1,2, and 3 respectively for a total of 6, while powerful enchantment costs 2,3 and 4 respectively for a total of 9 points to level up to 3.

What this means is that, you will need to level up 3 slots of 3 items to level 3. So, absolute minimum required enchantment points are 54, so you need to be at least level 55 to get this achievement. If powerful enchantments are included in the mix, you need more enchantment points. You can salvage items to get the points back, so do not be afraid to upgrade your equipments.

Edit: The enchantment in each of the slot may have to be unique and not same as the one in another slot. Thanks grrrrnade for this suggestion.
Wylaf BeulbeGreat tip on the salvage item enchantment points back, as a long time Diablo player the resources you use to manipulate gear is often gone if you salvage or reroll anything, so I was apprehensive to upgrade with the enchantment points.
Posted by Wylaf Beulbe on 27 May at 15:05
EyeCameI have all enchantments but the achievement still hasn’t popped yet
Posted by EyeCame#7601 on 27 May at 22:11
Itzz Sh0wt1m3@ Eyecam I highly doubt that cause you haven't reached level 50 yet, thus you can not have reached 54 upgrade point to spend yet
Posted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on 27 May at 22:17
d0nkeytr0nI'm only at level 19, but have upgraded all 3 items to maximum tier.
Still no achievement. It says I'm only at 33% for this achievement.
I don't understand 🤷🏽‍♂️
Posted by d0nkeytr0n on 28 May at 07:15
Sangriaz@d0nkeytr0n It is not possible to get this achievement at level 19. Minimum level is 55, since you need to fully upgrade all 3 items for a total of 9 enchantments. You most likely only have 3 enchantments maxed, which is as you say, 33% of the achievement.
Posted by Sangriaz on 28 May at 07:49
bluefireBlade00mine may be glitched since im level 64, almost 65 and i still have yet to get the achievement even though i have 3 items (bow, melee, and armor) with 3 enchantments maxed out so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm gonna restart my xbox, and if that doesnt work then crap, rip to my achievement lmao

It did not work rip
Posted by bluefireBlade00 on 28 May at 11:28
xNSHDfor the people saying they have 3 items at tier 3 yet still dont have the achievement, you need to have 3 items that have 3 enchantments and all 3 of the enchantments on all 3 items need to be level 3. so you need to have a total of 9 enchantments across the 3 items all level 3 which like the original post has said you need to be a minimum of level 55 to do this.
Posted by xNSHD on 28 May at 12:50
Sangriaz@bluefireblade00: Are you sure you have 3 items with 3 enchantment each maxed out? This means total 9 to be maxed out completely.
Posted by Sangriaz on 28 May at 13:10
Fuzzmeister JThe achievement says upgrade items. That's more than 1. So, yes. You need all 3 that way.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 28 May at 16:33
Alfie ッI have all 3 equipment items with all 3 enchantment slots on each enchanted to enchantment level 3 and it still hasn’t unlocked. Mine is stuck at 88%. :/
Posted by Alfie ッ on 28 May at 18:18
GrrrrnadeI believe they all need to be unique enchantments. Most people I have seen not have it unlocked have the same enchantment multiple times. I too didn’t have it unlocked and switched to 9 unique and it unlocked immediately.
Posted by Grrrrnade on 29 May at 01:51
LORDOFDOOKIE69So the equipment with just 3 levels don't count? Because those only require 6 points each to max out. Is the requirement having each item needing 9 total levels equaling 27 upgrades in total? When do those items begin to drop? I'm still under 20 I believe.
Posted by LORDOFDOOKIE69 on 29 May at 03:15
Sangriaz@LORDOFDOOKIE69: There are items that have more than 1 enchantment. I'm unclear when they start to drop, but I have not seen anything with 3 until I was around level 30-40 range. To be clear, it is 3 enchantment on a single item all leveled up to 3. These items all have to be equipped on your character at the same time. This is why level 55 (54 enchantment points) is minimum possible level to unlock this achievement. There is no enchantment that goes higher than 3 levels.
Posted by Sangriaz on 29 May at 06:54
R3f1CuLThis achievement is stupid and buggy as all get out. I literally just kept switching my gear everytime I got something new and upgrading it to max until it magically just unlocked for absolutely no different reason at all... MAYBE all the gear has to be of RARE quality or higher? Maybe common quality items don't count. Only thing I can think of that MIGHT have been different but I wasn't super paying attention due to frustration.
Posted by R3f1CuL on 29 May at 11:43
GAMING GRUMPFor anyone having trouble with this, here is the whole breakdown you need 3x pieces of gear, so weapon, armor and bow that all have 3x enchantments. A total of 9 different enchantments are needed you can not I repeat CANNOT have two of the same enchantments. So you need 9 different enchantments across the three pieces of gear. hope this helps the people whom it is not unlocking for.
Posted by GAMING GRUMP on 29 May at 16:13
SpeedMasterBenWhen you use Enchantments on your Weapon/Armor/Artifact, try focusing on the upgrade that start with 1, so you wont use all your point when you're trying to upgrade the last one to level 3
Posted by SpeedMasterBen on 29 May at 21:12
Apache117XI’ve got three items with all of them maxed out, no achievement. Can confirm it’s bugged.
Posted by Apache117X on 30 May at 11:55
TuKraZeI can confirm that after multiple tests, you CANNOT have an item that has 2 or more of the same enchantments. Each enchantment for each slot has to be different. I for example had Guantlets with 2 radiance enchantments and it would not pop the achievement. The moment I salvaged the item and fully enchanted another item, the achievement popped right away.
Posted by TuKraZe on 30 May at 20:11
ZappCattI also have all my gear enchanted to lvl 3 on each of the 3 slots. I DO have 2 Radiants, so my guess is that is why it has not popped...but that sucks, since I am not sure when I will have enough points to drop that.
Posted by ZappCatt on 01 Jun at 00:14
MrZombieChickenIt's ridiculous that you can't re-spec a piece of equipment. You'll have to salvage it to get your enchantment points back, but you're destroying the gear in the process.
Posted by MrZombieChicken on 02 Jun at 18:44
Bomb Jack DKAre there any good places to find the items with 3 enchantments? I've only found items with 2 enchantments on Adventure difficulty.
Posted by Bomb Jack DK on 03 Jun at 14:42
Sangriaz@Bomb Jack DX: There's no good/specific place, but it does seem relative to your power.
Posted by Sangriaz on 03 Jun at 15:29
DemonicXceedonly piece i've found so far was a power 50 axe on creeper woods with difficulty set to lvl 5 and with my power lvl being 50 when it dropped
Posted by DemonicXceed on 04 Jun at 22:53
brewton955Can anyone help with any tips? I’m on power level 81-82, have more than 3 weapons that have all three upgrades available. I equipped 3 of those weapons, upgraded each slot (so 9 total, 3 for each weapon) with no unlock. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?
Posted by brewton955 on 04 Jun at 23:25
Sangriaz@brewton955: It has to be weapon, armor, and off-hand (bow) all equipped at the same time. Not just to have three weapons in your inventory.
Posted by Sangriaz on 05 Jun at 01:20
Viva VizionzCan someone show me a picture of a combination that worked? I seem not to really understand how to get this done. I have like 5 combinations with fully enchanted items which I believe to be fully different but it still won't pop for me..

Picture of my inventory:
Posted by Viva Vizionz on 05 Jun at 09:07
BanditB01@Viva Vizionz: From looking at your picture that you linked to, it appears you have fully upgraded one of the enchantment slots in your weapon, rather than all three. I can see you have got a tier 3 exploding enhancement but you will have to upgrade one of the three enhancements from both of the other skill triangles. This will have to be done on your armour and ranged weapon as well to get the achievement. I can see that you should have plenty of skill points so if you have the gear available, you should be able to upgrade it, equip it and then if you don't want to use it, salvage it and upgrade some more of your gear. I hope this helps.
Posted by BanditB01 on 05 Jun at 11:16
Viva Vizionz@BanditB01 Thank you so much! I was not aware you could swap between the 3 slots.. Just unlocked it.

Have a great weekend!
Posted by Viva Vizionz on 05 Jun at 15:10
GbyCastrofox@ BanditB01 Muito Obrigada, ajudou bastante
Posted by GbyCastrofox on 08 Jun at 22:53
GrumpyYogi1968I can confirm that having twice the same enchantment on 1 weapon will not work for this achievement. It happend to me. It only popped once i got a different weapon with different enchantments.
Posted by GrumpyYogi1968 on 09 Jun at 03:39
Dakrkplayer2what armor level they start showing?
Posted by Dakrkplayer2 on 10 Jun at 17:19
Acurate BobI think I started seeing the three slots frequently after power level 50ish.

Mine didn't unlock the first time I git three sets upgraded. So just keep going until you get gear that unlocks it. I do think it's because I was lucky to find some daggers with triple resonance, I just wouldn't die...
Posted by Acurate Bob on 19 Jun at 07:24