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06 Jun 2020 17 Jun 2020
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To add to the other solution(s): Leveling PI Advice.

I found that after a while I'd rather just auto-race, especially when looking to level up the PI of my cars. To do this I needed to maximize my challenge packs, IRL time, and avoid spending wrenches, which meant that I needed to be able to auto-race every race in a given event.

Once I played through the first episode, I began doing the daily upgrade and special races as well. After getting a sports (yellow), street(green), and super (blue) car to 514 or so, you can start grinding easier. You'll need to be at least Level 15 to have 3 cars to race with.

Episode 1, Street Event 6, gives you 7 races if your follow the lower path. By auto-racing and choosing the +300 match ups, I was able to get 4 challenge cards a run in about 4-5min IRL. You can do this twice at level 15, based on the amount of energy you have at full, before having to wait or get partially through the event for a third time before having to stop and wait.

Doing this for about a week, I was able to level 12 cars to 514, and I picked my best ones to level higher. Why 12? Some of the special races and story races require a Modern Super, or a Classic Muscle, or a Retro Street, etc. 3 types of cars x 4 car "classes" = 12, if you want to be prepared. You'll need the three various types of cars to be leveled in each class to do the "class " specific races and get the upgrade parts you need, as you can only race for "class" upgrades using class cars (except for the wild event upgrades which are random).

Once I got a muscle, super, and sport, to 540-550 PI, you can start auto-racing and getting 5 challenge cards a run.

Episode 1, Muscle Event 4, gives you 9 races. By running auto-race at +300 that's 27000, enough for 5 challenge cards. As before, I went the lower path and it took maybe 4-5 minutes to do the entire event (if I was watching TV or doing something else). I could do it twice without issue before needing to wait for energy or only getting a portion of the way through the event for a third time. You will use a sport, muscle, and super (any type is fine), but if you want to auto-race them all the highest PI needed is 541.

There were a few set backs, in that I would end up getting a better quality car that was a much lower PI than the one I spent time on leveling but I like to think it was probably better in the long term to level up that silver or gold card over a generic one. As other guides have suggested, always level 3*** cars that you need, ignore 1 and 2 stars. if you end up getting a four star car, level that too, even if it is common.

Edit: Save your gold for cars. You'll want to get enough for 5 cards or 10 cards (price is the same rate).
aigochamalohYou need to beat Classic Retros in to 595-600 range for Event 6 of Part 3 of Episode 3. I had to wait a week for the Exotic upgrade to roll around to get the intakes I needed to boost PI.
Posted by aigochamaloh on 06 Jun 20 at 04:10
Slim PanatellaI think doing the following is much more efficient than doing muscle event 4.

Episode 1 >Part 1 > Event 2

This event only has 3 races.

You can get 5 challenge cards if you race the cars on the max difficulty and they're all easy to win.
Auto racing on the highest difficulty will still net you 3 cards.

The reason this is more efficient is because you only use 7 energy points so you can repeat this more often, and, if you mess up a race, you still have multiple attempts at your disposal.

Doing Muscle event 4 (Episode 1 >Part 4 > Event 4) for instance, burns 19 energy points for the same number of tokens so is almost 3 times as costly.

In short:
Episode 1 >Part 4 > Event 4 burns 19 energy points for 5 challenge cards
Episode 1 >Part 1 > Event 2 burns 7 energy points for 5 or 3 challenge cards
Posted by Slim Panatella on 02 Jul 20 at 11:03
SashamorningEpisode 1, part 1, event 2 is definitely the most efficient way to bleed off energy for tuning parts. I can use 14 energy and get 6 cards by auto racing. I did them all with a 495, but I think even that was overkill.
Posted by Sashamorning on 02 Jul 20 at 22:14
SavageBarkingAlso once you've got 2 cars at 552 and 569 PI you should move to Episode 2 > Part 1 > Event 2 for boosting tuning parts.

You can get 5 races done for 9 energy points which is 3 challenge cards and you can do this event 4 times on a full energy at level 17 so 12 challenge cards in total.

It's slightly less that you'd get boosting Episode 1 races BUT the chances of getting higher rated tuning kits is increased when you race on Episode 2. For example the chance of getting a stage 5 kit goes from 5% to 10% and they are invaluable.
Posted by SavageBarking on 09 Jul 20 at 13:36
IvanDimitrovBG3I finally won the final race against 635 muscle classic car. It does require a 4 star car and in my case it was Ford Mustang Boss 302 with PI 609. It was an easy win. The other two cars I used in the final episode were Lamborghini Miura P400 with PI 598 and Porsche 911 Carrera RS with PI 599- both 4 stars cars. If you play a lot daily, you can complete the game in two months time.
Posted by IvanDimitrovBG3 on 12 Jul 20 at 02:44
urkman5000Anyone got a hint for getting Credits fast? Like the Grind thing for Kits on 2-1-2?
Got my A** up with tuning kits but always low on credits.
Trying to prepare for E3 already got some 4*'s up just need to Upgrade
Posted by urkman5000 on 03 Aug 20 at 11:59
TubbedSlim panatella and Sashamorning in the comments above mention Episode 1 Part 1 Event 2 as being the most efficient for farming tuning parts, this is false. It is the most efficient for farming challenge cards, however those challenge cards will only give you level 3 tuning kits every time. Each level 3 tuning kit is worth 400, so if you autorace you will receive 1200 tuning points for 7 energy. This is equates to 171 points per energy spent.
If you instead farm Episode 1 Part 4 Event 4 you will obtain less challenge cards however those cards can give you level 4 and 5 kits which are worth 1200 and 3000 respectively. I did 10 runs and it worked out to be an average of 174 points per energy spent, slightly better than 1,1,2.

1,4,4 does depend on rng so sometimes you will get lucky and get multiple level 4 or 5 kits, sometimes none. It does balance out and work out better in the long run though.

You should always farm upgrade events first before story anyway. You can get similar challenge card numbers and all the other rewards refresh every day unlike story.

I will continue to track my results and update accordingly.
Posted by Tubbed on 22 Aug 20 at 11:45
Herps McGirpsIn response to Urkman5000:

Doing the Special Event races every week and doing the upgrade races everyday gave me a ton of credits just from following the path and picking up credits from the nodes. Also if you can do the higher level upgrade races you get a lot of car chips. Each car spin can get you 750 or 1000 credits when you get the car and you can get upwards of 10 spins a day if you can clear the whole special event run and all the upgrade races. Not to mention all the challenge packs you will get and the credits they contain.

I didn't keep track of my credits earned in any real way, but one day that stands out in my mind I had managed to get 24000 credits from just spinning for cars and claiming challenge cards. As I remember being under 1000 then claimed all my goodies to end up just over 25k.
Posted by Herps McGirps on 28 Aug 20 at 06:18