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Earn a 5-in-a-row

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28 Feb 2009
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Find a large group of enemies and throw a grenade. I got it in the second level.
Elite HeroI thought this achievement was for 5 headshots in a row?
Posted by Elite Hero on 28 Feb 09 at 09:54
PTC FRKNBNSNo Crack Shot is for ten head shots in a row. This one is for killing 5 enemies with a grenade. I received the achievement from throwing a grenade in a large group of people. I still don't have the Crack Shot achievement.
Posted by PTC FRKNBNS on 28 Feb 09 at 18:35
System of a DomYes, this is just for killing 5 enemies without getting hurt yourself!
Posted by System of a Dom on 05 Apr 09 at 14:52
olde fortran 77I couldn't kill people fast enough with a shotgun no matter how hard I tried. Finally got this with a Gammon grenade.
Posted by olde fortran 77 on 30 Jun 18 at 13:24