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Grand Master

Complete 100 challenges

Grand Master+4.3
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The NegaterThe Negater476,286
13 Jun 2020 13 Jun 2020
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This achievement seems to be glitched/unlocking for a lot of people. It was glitched for me after my first play through. The problem is completing a challenge during the prologue. I even did 130+ challenges and it still wouldn't unlock.

To unlock it, 1) I deleted my save and restarted the game. 2) I completed the prologue on EASY to ensure I would not get credit for the challenge of completing the prologue. 3) I then did 100 challenges and it unlocked immediately.

Some of the other easy of achievement not closing the game out before shutting the Xbox off. I suggest closing the game out before shutting down the Xbox.
Iraeous The ApeTo add to your guide, which I've been contemplating on making, but ultimately was fine being done with this glitched achievement that took 4 playthroughs to unlock.

Anyway, closing the game before turning off your Xbox didn't work for me. I did it with my second and 3rd playthrough, and I was devestated after logging on and getting to 100 challenges, it still wasn't unlocking the cheivo for me.

Also, changing the difficulty can be very risky, but I'm glad it worked for you, as it hasn't worked for some others, saying that NO you cannot lower the difficulty or anything, but might not apply to raising it?

This one has layers and layers of bugs. If you are truly dedicated, and hate yourself at the same time, take 4 hours outta your day to just do all 100 challenges in one go. Thats how I unlocked it it the end. No save and quit gambling (at this point) just powering through and sucking it up. Streamed the whole thing and went on a shooting spree in game to celebrate.

I'm glad there is finally a guide for this once guideless buggy piece of trash chievo.

Take everything I say with a grain of salt, though. Trust the guide that works, not the commentor who struggled, trying random different things that ultimately led me to needing 4 playthroughs for this achievement alone.

If not, fuck this achievement. I don't know if I hated underdome in borderlands 1 or this one more. Both sucked the life outta me.
Posted by Iraeous The Ape on 31 Jul at 04:25