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Social media fever

Unlock all of the characters social media profile

Social media fever-1.3
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19 Jun 2020 19 Jun 2020
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If you play through the story, characters social media profile bars will go up when you serve them the correct drinks. Once all three bars are filled, this achievement should unlock.

HOWEVER, some users including myself do not get this achievement right away. Do not worry. Just keep playing through the story and it will unlock later.

To ensure you give every character the right drink, follow the walkthrough posted for this game.
KriskiillsMine popped after I served Jorji Day 3: Thursday, September 24th, 2020
Posted by Kriskiills on 20 Jun at 04:46
AutoOrangedoes not pop for me too
Edit: unlocked for me at second playthrough, day 4: September 25th,2020, when I served Gala the right drink”Gala Had”
Posted by AutoOrange on 20 Jun at 06:48
Addicted x7I have all 3 bars filled on each character but the achievement didn’t unlock for me... anything I might have forgotten ?

Edit: I replayed Day 3 and served Jorji and the achievement unlocked
Posted by Addicted x7 on 20 Jun at 15:14
MagnificMerykHad problems with this unlocking also. Had all 3 bars full for each character & had completed the game, still not popped. However I could remember not serving the correct drink to a character early in the game, which puzzled me as as I had all profiles fully unlocked. So despite having all 3 bars full for that character, I went back to the day I served them wrong & it finally popped when I served them the correct drink.

So it is possible to get every bar full despite not getting all the drinks correct it seems as least it was in my case. You have to serve every character the correct drink throughout the story regardless if you've got every bar full on their profile.
Posted by MagnificMeryk on 22 Jun at 21:20
assassinDMGI got this after serving Jorji his Espresso in day 13, didn't need to replay anything
Posted by assassinDMG on 01 Jul at 14:30
misterman08i also popped this achievement when i served Jorji on day 13
Posted by misterman08 on 06 Jul at 19:48
gomofobFYI you can get 2nd and 3rd bars with Baileys on Day 11 (Oct 2) after serving him a choco/ginger/cinnamon drink.

I saw other walkthrough saying that you must complete his profile early in the game (first 4 days or something), so I guess there are multiple ways to do this, and you shouldn't worry if you messed up his first order like I did.
Posted by gomofob on 09 Jul at 20:03
Stu The JagTo echo the above, popped for me after serving Jorji his espresso on day 13.
Posted by Stu The Jag on 28 Jul at 16:28
Guile132Day 13, Jorji for me as well.
Posted by Guile132 on 02 Aug at 20:59
metallicafan459Jorji for me too - so not much later than the guide has it
Posted by metallicafan459 on 04 Aug at 09:39