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Second Generation

Obtain Skynet security codes from a fallen HK Tank.

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21 Jun 2020 21 Jun 2020
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This is part of the main story missions you'll get towards endgame. The easiest way to defeat the HK Tank is that no sooner you enter the area where it's at there is a rocket launcher just to the left where you stand near a ruined building, grab the rocket launcher after equipped shoot the HK Tank in the head then while its stunned go around to its back and shoot the rocket in the core on its back after you shoot it the HK Tank will alert to your location after it turns back on you just shoot it in the head then repeat running to its back and shooting the core, just repeat the process until its defeated and if you need ammo there is ammo boxes scattered around the buildings near the tank. After its defeated you'll then have to hack it and then you'll get the achievement after your done hacking its mainframe.