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Is this it?

Serve the wrong drink for the first time

Is this it?-0.1
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22 Jun 2020 22 Jun 2020
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Figured it out everyone! Just make milk, milk, milk for the first chick and BOOM you should get the achievement.

~MAKE SURE XBOX ASKS FOR YOUR PERMISSION TO PLAY BEFORE YOU START THE GAME. If not, you won't get any achievements. I quit, restarted it, it asked me for permission, I said yes, and got 5ish achievements including this one.
darkangelsabianIf your playing coffee talk and you received every chief meant except the last one and it’s not popping up go to main menu and extras on the game itself and it will show achievements if they are gray unfortunately you have to do it again so it shows on there then it counts as you got all the achievements I just figured that out now .
Posted by darkangelsabian on 23 Jul at 15:09