Oniken: Unstoppable Edition Review by MasterNero14

23 Jun 2020 10 Jul 2020
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The best action platformers combine nail-biting level design with super tight controls. Games like Mega Man X and Celeste are so satisfying to play because they masterfully execute both of those things. They have well-designed environments that present you with constant yet realistic challenges, combined with precise controls that ensure you can do what you want to do, when you want to do it, and never a moment later. Qualities like these are what set good side-scrolling games apart from great ones.

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Oniken was originally released in 2012, which might be a surprise to some when you actually look at the game. Every part of the game is rendered in a faithfully classic 8-bit style that makes it look like something straight off the NES. Colour palettes are limited and cutscene art is chunky, while faked visual loading glitches between screens help capture that retro aesthetic even further. Aside from some background parallax that wouldn’t have been possible on the NES, Oniken is much more of a visual love letter to NES era platformers than just a simple 8-bit indie game.

Your toolset is simple, with one button for jumping and another for slashing your sword. You also have grenades that are activated by pressing up and hitting the attack button. Precise movements like grenade attacks and crouches were constantly hindered by the awkward sensitivity on the controls in Oniken.

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Oniken presents you with some pretty fun boss fights. designs that felt like they were a proper tribute to the design tendencies of old-school action games.

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Another piece of the Oniken pie that was handled well was the sound design. Like every other part of the game, the music and audio of Oniken are instantly reminiscent of the kind of sounds you’d get from an NES platformer. Music was simple but effective throughout the game, and the satisfying crunches and beeps of the various enemies and attacks in the game helped solidify the unique aesthetic of the game.
EarthboundXI'm confused that 4 stars score at the end of this review.

Strange review is general, other than the part where you say it's not great, I had a hard time judging how you felt about the game. It feels like part of the review is missing?
Posted by EarthboundX on 02 Jul 20 at 08:23
MasterNero14This is a review I am still doing is not yet complete! when I say it is not a great game I mean it is not as good as other platform games that have a grade 4 available It's because the game had a proposal to be a retro game and deliver the same level of quality as NES games and that Oniken did exactly
Posted by MasterNero14 on 10 Jul 20 at 18:44