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Serve the wrong drink for the first time

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24 Jun 2020 02 Jul 2020
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Just serve the Wrong Drink to the 1st Customer. (Milk,milk,milk) . After make sure to serve the correct drinks the whole rest of story and you will get this one! Refer to my Video Guide for all of the Correct Recipes in Story Mode!

🎮Completion Time - (2-3 hours)
🏆Difficulty - 2/10
⛔Missables? - YES (However you unlock a scene select feature after you complete the story)
💡Overview: You need to Complete the Story with ALL CORRECT ORDERS. After you will unlock scene select and you will need to load up 4 different days for the last Story-Related Achievement. After the Story-Achievements, We will go for our 2 Challenge-Related Achievements. By that time you should have most of the achievements. You may need to make a few more drinks to make sure you got the Master Brewer Achievement! (Making all 30 specialty drinks)

MiribundaYou sure your disciption of the achievement is correct?
Posted by Miribunda on 02 Jul at 13:58
Cheevo GuidesThanks! Sorry I fixed it😎
Posted by Cheevo Guides on 02 Jul at 18:54