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100% SpongeBob

Get 100% completion. All golden spatulas and all socks.

100% SpongeBob-3.2
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25 Jun 2020 25 Jun 2020
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The biggest grind in this game is getting the shiny things for Mr. Krabs the best way I've found so far is to go down guppy hill amd hit as much boxes as you can (usually get around 1,000 shinys a run) and just rinse and repeat till you have his quest done.
mimirosemy comment is for the bug of having 100 golden spatulas but only having 99 the one inside the chum bucket respawned for me even tho i already had it which fixed mine hope it helps someone
Posted by mimirose on 26 Jun at 04:25
z I ToP CaT I zThank you that’s the last one I needed!
Posted by z I ToP CaT I z on 26 Jun at 08:51
GRrInCH HiLLOmG it works!!!! thx mimirose
Posted by GRrInCH HiLL on 26 Jun at 11:11
BRETT 57642Thanks!
Posted by BRETT 57642 on 27 Jun at 20:34