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100% SpongeBob

Get 100% completion. All golden spatulas and all socks.

100% SpongeBob-5.0
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27 Jun 2020 27 Jun 2020
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This isn’t a guide to unlock achievement as it is self explanatory. For me and a lot of my friends we had to recollect a spatula that didn’t count as unlocked, even it says so on the map that we have it. For me the glitch seems to happen if you beat the game a spatula at random gets removed from you. Mine was a spatula in the Flying Dutchman ‘A path through the goo’. The spatula could be in many locations. For my friend mimirose the comment in previous solution was the chum bucket one. For another it was in spongebobs dream in squidwards house. I hope this helps to highlight a common glitch that can be fixed but requires you to recollect a spatula.