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You Tampered

Complete the custom night with all AIs set to 20.

You Tampered+1.3
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NickFury PlayerNickFury Player800,759
27 Jun 2020 27 Jun 2020
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If you are looking for a solution or an easy method I'm sorry this is not it but I just wanted to show a run from illogicalJason which got me the achievement.

Here's the link:

After spending hours with my own methods I decided to change a little and as hard as it seems I managed to get the perfect night on my third try so I really recommend you to dissect every aspect of that and then try it for yourself

Happy Hunting and good luck you will need it.
CrazyCatManDude, ive spent 50 hours on this and I just want it done
Posted by CrazyCatMan on 28 Jun 20 at 02:12
NickFury PlayerYeah I know but I created the guide just to show the video because it really helped me out to finally finish the night
Posted by NickFury Player on 28 Jun 20 at 10:44
CrazyCatManWhen I beat it ill be releasing a in depth guide and ill go over each animotronic and genral strategys to beat the night even though it's mainly rng
Posted by CrazyCatMan on 28 Jun 20 at 13:41
NickFury PlayerIt depends a lot on rng but in most of the times if you are fast enough and is doing everything as it should you can beat it but it's messed up because some nights can't be finished
Posted by NickFury Player on 28 Jun 20 at 14:02
CrazyCatManIt's making me insane
Posted by CrazyCatMan on 28 Jun 20 at 20:50
CrazyWharf625This achievement makes me want to kill myself
Posted by CrazyWharf625 on 10 Jul 20 at 08:45
NickFury PlayerWell it's not easy but it is satisfying to finish the challenge.
Posted by NickFury Player on 27 Oct 20 at 00:10
warloroAfter spending hours?? Lol
Posted by warloro on 05 Nov 20 at 07:27
NickFury PlayerWell if you are limited to console and want to do it the hard way yes hours and hours to complete
Posted by NickFury Player on 05 Nov 20 at 10:17
Archer SpenseI have no idea how you managed to pull this off. I legit tried for @ 30 minutes and can count on one hand the number of times I made it to 1am. Never made it to 2 am. I'd quickly get overwhelmed by too many puppets at once and get killed by a Foxy I couldn't flashlight or the jack in the box ran out and got me. I'm impressed anyone can get this, but it seems way more luck than skill
Posted by Archer Spense on 26 Jan 21 at 03:09
NickFury PlayerSeriously trust me, skill is required to a perfection level in order to not having to deal with situations you can't get out of. But yes there is good amount of runs that can't be won because of the pattern that the animatronics move making you stuck with no way out.
Posted by NickFury Player on 26 Jan 21 at 10:45