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First Aid

Revive a total of 100 players

First Aid-2.4
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ForzaDrift GirlForzaDrift Girl249,662
06 Jul 2020 03 Aug 2020
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You need to revive 100 people in any amount of matches (must be done in PvP matches) the best rogue to get this fast is saint as he has the ability to revive anybody of your team thats down across the entire map and has faster revive perk for $6500 saint is definitely the rogue you need to choose to get this achievement faster

Edit: As mentioned by Maxumilli0n Chaac self revives also give you progress but it won't show in the scoreboard thx for Maxumilli0n for commenting that chaac also works
Maxumilli0nChaac self revives works as well. I kept getting progress and I wasn't reviving that many players while playing as him. Then counted how many times I revived myself during a match and it paired up with the progress. It won't show on scoreboard though for self revives.
Posted by Maxumilli0n on 23 Jul 20 at 23:18
FEAR EPIDEMIC^---- He's right you know.
Posted by FEAR EPIDEMIC on 26 Jul 20 at 01:50
Glass SwimCame here to ask this. Thanks Maxumilli0n
Posted by Glass Swim on 27 Jul 20 at 05:33
chuckn0rris1999I recommend sticking with your team. This will usually make it so that you aren't killed off right away as chaac. This gives you time to can get behind cover and self revive. Also if you play strikeout I think the ability will passively regenerate whereas in domination and extraction you can only use it once per round. Hope this helps!
Posted by chuckn0rris1999 on 22 Sep 20 at 13:14