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The Goose is Loose

Halo 2A MP: Get 25 kills with the Gungoose in multiplayer.

The Goose is Loose0
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12 Jul 2020 12 Jul 2020
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The other 2 guides are great guides, you should definitely check them out, but if you don't have a second controller (or any friends), this will be an easier solution.

Just use the action sack playlist for H2A (4v4), and to my knowledge, and testing, CTF gungoose edition is pretty much the only gametype. You will easily be able to achieve this if played multiple times. I played 3 times and wasn't even focused on this achievement and was already past the halfway point.

You already spawn with the gungoose, and your objective is to Capture The Flag, so if you go on offense, you will take out any defensive players, and if you are defensive, you can just chase the carrier and their escorts.