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Eagle's Dive

Perform 50 Combo Kills in Fights.

Eagle's Dive+0.1
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Clever JakeClever Jake605,826
11 Sep 2008 19 Jun 2015
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This can be surprisingly hard to get, the easiest and guaranteed way is to go to the Masyaf training area (outside the castle), and select combo kill, perform 3 and repeat until achievement. I only had to do this 3 times after I finished the game.

Alternatively, if you have the technique nailed down, start the counter training and do combo kills in there then you don't have to restart after every three kills.
Ninjah Monkeyyeah i couldn't do this in an actual fight or it'd happen by fluke the training arena is probably the best bet
Posted by Ninjah Monkey on 17 Oct 08 at 08:21
RandomnuttaGreat idea, worked for me.
Posted by Randomnutta on 09 Jan 09 at 04:10
xX W4rD0g XxNice, I don't know the Training Area "Kills" count towards the achievement
Posted by xX W4rD0g Xx on 17 Feb 09 at 06:13
FoD See MeCool, didnt think of the training area. Worked really well!!
Posted by FoD See Me on 23 Feb 09 at 15:08
SpectreSubZeroI didn't even think of this lol, nice solution
Posted by SpectreSubZero on 29 Apr 09 at 20:17
PlayerOneAFKgunna try this thanks for the good solution man, see you online
Posted by PlayerOneAFK on 31 May 09 at 08:50
Bad KermitGreat solution. Just got this achievement.
Posted by Bad Kermit on 25 Jul 09 at 07:36
thomasklijbroekTook me 14 rounds (second "kill" in round 14 was the one that unlocked it). I had already finished the game when I attempted this, so that means I've used combo kill only 9 times in the entire game >.<
And I wasn't the type to just stay waiting for enemies to attack so I could counter either, I was always attacking them to make the fights more stylish and less boring.

So, thanks for showing us this easy way to get it, because there is no way I would have gotten this anytime soon if I had tried to get it on guards.
Posted by thomasklijbroek on 28 Jul 09 at 17:20
Th3C3lThanks for this great solution! good idea! it´s very easy
Posted by Th3C3l on 28 Jul 09 at 19:52
Wayensyeah, never thought that the training ground moves would count, good find, thanks!
Posted by Wayens on 02 Nov 09 at 19:40
Holy shit a-rab I nevr wud have thought of that
Posted on 04 Jan 10 at 07:51
iSki09Confirmed to work, great tip :D took a while but was worth the wait :) thanks!
Posted by iSki09 on 05 Jan 10 at 05:31
Clever JakeNo counters don't count though you do get another achievement from doing them.
Posted by Clever Jake on 09 Feb 10 at 12:52
ljp0390Still works as of 6/9/10 awesome solution
Posted by ljp0390 on 09 Jun 10 at 12:48
prokopstill works. awesome solution.
Posted by prokop on 28 Aug 10 at 20:59
P4NDA CAKESit took me 36 kills but it worked lol
Posted by P4NDA CAKES on 30 Aug 10 at 21:27
perceptron3000Really great solution, thank you so much. This was the last achievement I was missing in AC and I thought I never get it...
Posted by perceptron3000 on 02 Dec 10 at 14:08
ianroper1cheers great solution saved tryin to get while in main fights
Posted by ianroper1 on 26 Jan 11 at 20:57
Arashi SoraThis works? Sweet! I can 100% this game now!
Posted by Arashi Sora on 05 Feb 11 at 20:22
ALI G 008just confirms still works on the 13th of February 2011. And thanks for a great solution i would have never thought of this
Posted by ALI G 008 on 13 Feb 11 at 17:12
METALGAMER8it works (: soooooo much faster than trying to get it in actual fights, b/c like everybody else says, it's almost impossible to get the timing right
Posted by METALGAMER8 on 10 Mar 11 at 06:56
PHARREAL87Great solution. thanks
Posted by PHARREAL87 on 23 Mar 11 at 02:04
MusquitoI was struggling with this one, but the training area works like a charm. Thanks for the solution.
Posted by Musquito on 20 Jun 11 at 08:25
raidenhardcoregot it today in 12 minutes Thunbs Up!
Posted by raidenhardcore on 01 Aug 11 at 21:10
XMISS LUCIAXCool thanks doing it the way you suggested still works now all i have to do to get 100% complete is steal 200 throwing knives and collect the flags and kill the templars lol
Posted by XMISS LUCIAX on 01 Sep 11 at 20:00
strawballsjjthanks got it now
Posted by strawballsjj on 06 Sep 11 at 11:28
Solario32Got it also in the training circle...thanks.
Posted by Solario32 on 20 Sep 11 at 02:57
Flynn423Thanks! Apparently i'd only used move a grand total of 3 times in my game!!
Posted by Flynn423 on 10 Oct 11 at 13:51
Mikeyoligystill works as of 15/01/2012 - great solution, although i did it on my eight combo kill in the ring. clearly i've been searching for those blasted flags for too long :(
Posted by Mikeyoligy on 15 Jan 12 at 11:56
PC CalixtoWorked fine for me... easy easy
Posted by PC Calixto on 06 Feb 12 at 04:33
fdoubleprimeI'd only add that you can do the combo kills in the training session for dodging (the one that unlocks after the first assassination of the third memory block). I assume they count for the other training modes, too, but I can only vouch for that one.
Posted by fdoubleprime on 25 Feb 12 at 06:21
FatalBrushHello from 2nd April 2012, it still works :)
Posted by FatalBrush on 02 Apr 12 at 19:55
Archer RivalGreat solution! If anyone has trouble with the combo timing, watch the X button icon on the top right of the HUD. When you attack, it turns white. If you hit X the moment it turns back to blue, it will perform a successful combo. Took me awhile to notice this, but saved a ton of time once I did.
Posted by Archer Rival on 13 Apr 12 at 22:33
BrudworxYay, easiest and bestest solution ever!!!
Posted by Brudworx on 11 Jul 12 at 12:13
VCS 2600 Atarianyone that voted negative on this solution is LAME! Great solution! thanks.
Posted by VCS 2600 Atari on 15 Aug 12 at 18:58
peacemak3roct 28 2012, still works!
Posted by peacemak3r on 28 Oct 12 at 21:33
DemonspitfirNovember 12th - First Day of Playing This Game. Confirmed to still work.

Simple Solution to add...

Start out rapidly tapping the button and then slow it down until you get your timing down.

I also Highly Suggest you do this in Combo Kills Training mode that way you get confirmation of what It looks like when you successfully do one.
Posted by Demonspitfir on 12 Nov 12 at 07:16
Jenova20Would be nice if you mentioned how to do a combo kill too though. I haven't played the game in a while and now i'm getting used to it again this guide can't really help me
Posted by Jenova20 on 19 Nov 12 at 20:40
rocking23nfit tells you in the arena how to do it Jenova. Thanks op, this worked like a charm, took around 5 minutes.
Posted by rocking23nf on 09 Dec 12 at 05:51
pequenyo MissStill works! Nice advice pal =D
Posted by pequenyo Miss on 08 Feb 13 at 15:41
xX Propst XxAs of 4/22/13 Still works! Thanks for the solution!smile
Posted by xX Propst Xx on 23 Apr 13 at 02:56
Evil Paragon13/6/13 still works!
Posted by Evil Paragon on 13 Jul 13 at 07:27
Really Big ShoeStill working! 7/23/13. Thanks!
Posted by Really Big Shoe on 24 Jul 13 at 00:00
Posted by madmaxey on 01 Jun 14 at 00:03
Jonny1872Still works August 2014. Had to do it 48 times LOL
Posted by Jonny1872 on 20 Aug 14 at 09:10
Still works but as the newer guide says, if you start the counter training and do combo kills in there then you don't have to restart after every three kills, great for people like me wo just air assassinated everybody and have a lot of kills to go.
Posted on 21 Sep 14 at 10:10
C JittersI had to do it like 20 times more to unlock it after completing the game. FINALLY! Thanks for the help.
Posted by C Jitters on 25 Mar 16 at 19:18
Perreaultyan11needed 40... just got it, thanks for the help
Posted by Perreaultyan11 on 31 Mar 16 at 09:43
Posted by ESM on 21 Nov 16 at 03:17
Jan DerconThanks, alternative solution works best :)
Posted by Jan Dercon on 25 Jun 17 at 20:22
Apostle92627Just got the achievement in the counter kills tutorial. Thanks for the guide!
Posted by Apostle92627 on 14 Jul 18 at 18:02
JX JuniorThis was incredibly easy to get without going to the tutorial. I had already gotten my 50 before I even assassinated my 2nd out of the 9 targets, mainly by doing this achievement on the guards who are harassing the citizens.
Posted by JX Junior on 14 Dec 19 at 20:52
Simsonman08Still works in 2020
Posted by Simsonman08 on 19 Jun 20 at 13:23
Posted by MasterJunior94 on 23 Jun 20 at 05:20
OperativeEmeralCan confirm this can be done by running the Combi Kills tutorial multiple times.
Posted by OperativeEmeral on 04 Aug 20 at 13:27
RiBoPStill works: finished today (2020-12-15). Only had to do the training 3 more times and it unlocked smile
Posted by RiBoP on 15 Dec 20 at 10:44