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Exhibit your art in the gallery

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29 Jul 2020 29 Jul 2020
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Once you’ve got your first request from Stéphane in the Art Gallery on Leysure Island travel back to Ibyza. Now make a photo of Dave the guy left to the elevator in front of the ROK Monument. Finally travel back to Leysure Island and talk to Stéphane again to unlock this achievement.

It might be useful to make this photo during your first visit to Ibyza to save time.
Steve x1sThank you 🙏
Posted by Steve x1s on 31 Jul 20 at 01:19
Void AstraThanks a lot ! I thought I'd have to wait for someone to go near the elevator and Dave didn't count. You just saved me a lot of time toast
Posted by Void Astra on 31 Jul 20 at 13:24
GoldXPugsI just filled the entire gallery and it still hasn't popped. Any ideas?
Posted by GoldXPugs on 03 Aug 20 at 13:26
SpiritedSojournYeah, it hasn't popped for me either, despite finishing this whole quest. Maybe it's buggy?
Posted by SpiritedSojourn on 23 Oct 20 at 07:20