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First Aid

Revive a total of 100 players

First Aid-2.4
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05 Aug 2020 05 Aug 2020
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*First Aid* "Revive a total of 100 players"
This achievement is pretty self explanatory revive 100 people
The best mode to this on is Strikeout as they are a lot more opportunity to revive someone.
The only good revival Rouge is Saint as with his ability *Revive Drone* he "Send a Medical Drone to revive a downed friendly anywhere on the map." so you don't need to be near someone when they are down.

The only other Rouge where you can get easy revives is Chaac
as with his ability *Stim Pack* he can "Overheal yourself for a duration or revive yourself while down." and with his second option of reviving himself count as a revive towards this achievement just not in the game on the scoreboard.