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Beat Eternity

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Legendkilla XLegendkilla X1,186,894
10 Aug 2020 10 Aug 2020
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I used the catalyst Obsidian Warcastle to beat Eternity. This one is a lot tougher than the other two bosses but if you take your time and keep your distance its fairly easy.

Just make sure you boost into the bombs it drops that have the countdown timer otherwise has a ward which deals massive damage to your ship.

Then just use your LT + X cannon whenever its charged to deal decent damage. Don't get close to Eternity untill you have LT+A or LT=B both charged and ready to fire.

I show it at 42:30 in my full run-through of the 1000g completion
LOCKUPHILLARY16Anybody having problems unlocking this?
Posted by LOCKUPHILLARY16 on 29 Aug 20 at 20:47
BigSneddz90Replay Eternity boss with another ship and take it upto power station 14 it unlocked the Eternity achievement and power station 12 achievement for me i thought same that it was a glitch
Posted by BigSneddz90 on 17 Nov 20 at 13:33