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Create a flight plan based on a Live Traffic aircraft, then fly the route without assistance.

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19 Aug 2020 19 Aug 2020
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These are based off real fights happening in the world .

some of the green planes are players so if your having trouble finding real planes turn off multiplayer in the flight condition menu.

click on the world map and zoom in until you see green planes. Then click on the green plane and click create plan. From there fly the plan out and bleep bloop you got 10 gamer score.

TIP I found a 11 min fly time plan so if your in a rush it get this pick a short flight.

UPDATE people are saying you can pick any real fight and skip to the final approach phase and land the plane in the hot bar menu to unlock faster.
NotTheBestAtAllIn addition, if you cannot find a short fly plan time, you are able to pick whichever one you want, take off, and then using the "travel to" feature located in the hot bar skip to final approach and land the aircraft. This should unlock the achievement.
Posted by NotTheBestAtAll on 19 Aug 20 at 12:34
KawiNinjaRider7Can confirm skipping to final approach and then landing will unlock the achievement
Posted by KawiNinjaRider7 on 19 Aug 20 at 13:48
GrawlNLYes it does. Pick a short route (so you can use a simple plane, otherwise you won't have enough fuel).
Posted by GrawlNL on 19 Aug 20 at 22:01
JappeIn case you don't see the green planes on the world map go to Options > General Traffic and turn Aircraft Traffic Type to Real-Time Online. I had this set to OFF and I couldn't see any green planes.
Posted by Jappe on 19 Aug 20 at 22:31
ROREO93What does "without assistance" mean when it comes to these achievements? Is it just the pilot assistance that must be disabled, or literally everything?
Posted by ROREO93 on 22 Aug 20 at 20:02
AthanSpod72I'm trying and failing to get this achievement to trigger.

First attempt I put in extra way points to represent approach etc.

So second attempt I did nothing but select the flight, but I did that from the "Live Airport Activity" listing on the airport.

I also possibly still had some assists on, but now I set "True To Life" on the global Assistance option... but I note that's gone back to Custom, I think because I opened the VFR map and that changes it to open on start ?

This is proving to be way more of a pain than it sounds.

I guess I'll try clicking on the actual planes, with 'True To Life' active, not opening any extra windows, and see if that works next.
Posted by AthanSpod72 on 23 Aug 20 at 17:52
AthanSpod72And yeah, using the 'skip to final' I just got the achievement, thanks!
Posted by AthanSpod72 on 23 Aug 20 at 18:52
meochan913Hi AthanSpod72. You can't select the scheduled flights in Live Airport Activity page since this achievement clearly said "base on a Live traffic aircraft"
Posted by meochan913 on 24 Aug 20 at 02:29
meochan913Hey guys new update. I just unlocked this achievement and you don't even have to land on the runway. I jumped to the final stage and the stupid A320 Auto throttle turned on by itself during my landing so I overshot a lot and I landed on the grass land behind the runway but the achievement still popped out lol
Posted by meochan913 on 24 Aug 20 at 20:07
raubvogel 89@meochan913, yeah, that stupid A/T is annoying on the 320! You're about to land while adjusting the throttle as necessary and then you hear the engines go full "afterburner" and you're violently trying to push the stupid craft to the runway while trying to get the throttle back to zilch.
Posted by raubvogel 89 on 27 Aug 20 at 16:27
raubvogel 89@meochan913, yeah, that stupid A/T is annoying on the 320! You're about to land while adjusting the throttle as necessary and then you hear the engines go full "afterburner" and you're violently trying to push the stupid craft to the runway while trying to get the throttle back to zilch.
Posted by raubvogel 89 on 27 Aug 20 at 16:32
erod550Skipped to Final, had all assists on still and it still popped. Just didn't turn on AI Control to control the aircraft
Posted by erod550 on 30 Aug 20 at 01:36
scorpian007raubvogel 89, The AT is very different on Airbus vs Boeing. You do not touch the throttle after the initial climb phase, you leave it on the CLB setting and the plane auto-adjusts the speed depending on what is programmed in the FMS or what you have set in the AP. The reason the AT shoots up is to prevent the plane from stalling when it gets close to stall speed - best thing it do is leave it as is, control the speed via the AP. Only time you touch the throttle during landing is when you're 30ft above and about to flare, idle it then. Hope that makes sense
Posted by scorpian007 on 31 Aug 20 at 15:01
mmmkeeblerSkipped to final worked for me. Made sure not to modify anything after clicking "Create Flight Plan". Just took a few minutes.
Posted by mmmkeebler on 01 Sep 20 at 00:26
HXT 71Would be nice if a locked guide was a lot more specific on how to earn the achievement. Seems like guides now days are just slapped together. Please if you are going to make a guide or solution to an achievement make it simple enough that a person that has just installed the game could follow the steps to earn it. The very first comment is proof that the guide was very insufficient. If an achievement says to do something don't skip half of the steps getting to the solution. Would be good if moderators would confirm before locking a solution. If you have tips don't post it as a guide post it in forums as helpful tips. As a community we should flag and report insufficient posts/tips that are given as a guide. The 3 dots next to guide is how to report a solution. It is the communities job to help each other so we don't have guides posted such as this with the first response is a question that may seem to most "without assistance" obvious but it isn't always obvious to everyone and that is what a guide maker is responsible to do. Make it as simple step by step so that even the most basic player can follow the guide. If I had just installed the game and followed this guide I would never get the achievement. The game doesn't default to live conditions and turn off assists etc. Please guide makers take this as constructive criticism as I always appreciate the time individuals take to help others. Again if we as a community take ownership by reporting a guide that doesn't work so it can be made better we will get better guides to work from. Helpful tips can be posted after a guide or in forums to make things easier as long as the guide actually works. Lets all help each other to get the best we can out of our community.
Posted by HXT 71 on 05 Sep 20 at 20:22
Yurgi Windu👆 what he said
Posted by Yurgi Windu on 27 Jan at 19:01
x ii Y1D xThis does not work now using the above guide
Posted by x ii Y1D x on 03 Feb at 00:10
BCFCBristolRedGuide defo works.

I selected final approach on a live flight into Heathrow. Pinged as soon as I touched down.

+1 from me.
Posted by BCFCBristolRed on 29 Jul at 09:58
MrWhite2UWhat the heck is a “HOT BAR”? For the majority of us that don’t speak aircraft lingo try to elaborate more in your descriptions/ “guides”
Posted by MrWhite2U on 29 Jul at 17:04
Fuzzmeister JThe green planes may take a few minutes to show up. Zoom in on a star airport and wait. Green dots should show up soon.
-Click Plane
--Copy Flight Plan
---Set AI Control On
----Click Navigator Tab and Jump to Approach and wait for the landing.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 29 Jul at 19:08
YaziteI don't have any green planes appear on my map except for friends. What am I doing wrong?
Posted by Yazite on 31 Jul at 11:38
Marcellomar2013You have to wait a little bit :)
Posted by Marcellomar2013 on 31 Jul at 13:23
Anima PuraI couldn't find any real planes, until I zoomed into Heathrow (it *is* one of the busiest airports in the world) and found a flight plan. Strangely, the achievement popped as soon as I loaded in the short hold spot, I didn't even have to taxi the plane.
Posted by Anima Pura on 01 Aug at 13:32
VOODOO85@Yazite above. I had the same issue after waiting a while, went into the menu for Flight Conditions and make sure that 'Live Traffic' is enabled on the left side of this menu (if it's selected, the Live Traffic box should be white). The planes showed up for me near large airports within a minute or so of changing this option
Posted by VOODOO85 on 03 Aug at 19:38
YaziteThanks I unlocked it now. It took a long time for them to appear but they did eventually.
Posted by Yazite on 04 Aug at 09:18
ST0NER AZI can’t get this achievement to unlock on Xbox
I’m following this guide from above.

-Click Plane
--Copy Flight Plan
---Set AI Control On
----Click Navigator Tab and Jump to Approach and wait for the landing.

But still nothing I have tried from different airports. On my 7th attempt now. I’m I doing something wrong?
Posted by ST0NER AZ on 06 Aug at 18:53
Yazite@ ST0NER AZ, surely if you are using AI assist it is voiding the achievement as per the description of the achievement
Posted by Yazite on 06 Aug at 19:35
ST0NER AZYes I thought that too. So made sure true too life was all on hard. Skipped to final left the atc and checklist window open. Landed perfectly still no achievement.

How did you do it Yazite? Did you fly it properly from start to finish? And was this on Xbox?

Edit it’s just randomly popped now while I was in the menu 👍🏻
Posted by ST0NER AZ on 06 Aug at 20:07
MikkDCJust got this by doing a 30 minute flight from TUPJ to TJSJ (after selecting it from the ' Live airport activity' list on the world map) and used autopilot NAV to get me there but landed the plane myself. Had ALL Nav assists on (Taxi ribbon, waypoints and landing path) but ONLY AI Radio Comms (ATC) on in the Piloting assistance, so I am not sure what counts as 'without assistance'. Unless it means not used the ai-co pilot when toolbar is up (which I have turned off)
Posted by MikkDC on 07 Sep at 22:58