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Frequent Flyer Miles

Fly from LFBD airport near Asobo Studio to KSEA airport near Microsoft HQ.

Frequent Flyer Miles+0.7
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21 Aug 2020 04 Aug 2021
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This solution was originally written for PC and has not been tested on Series X/S - if anyone has suggestions or tweaks for the console version of FS2020, then I'd be happy to add here.

The original solution (left below for posterity) was based on how I unlocked this achievement. Following testing by NotTheBestAtAll and CrackedSeal3236, there are much faster, easier ways of completing this now. I've tried to incorporate their experiences into a new solution. Thank you to both of them for their comments below, and hopefully, this is a much simpler, faster solution for users:

Set yourself up to fly from LFBD to KSEA, using the low-altitude airways option (not the GPS option). Use the Cessna Citation CJ4 jet and unlimited fuel. All assists on. Start up the flight, and then hand over to the autopilot for take-off. After this you can either:

1. Leave the flight to run the full 8/9 hours and also unlock the Saddle Sore achievement.

2. Increase the sim rate to get the flight done under an hour (you cannot skip to a later point in the flight - it has to be done with sim rate).

Option 1 does work, but it's hit-or-miss - the autopilot seems to struggle with making the landing consistently. Jrod39 notes that they had to take over controls to make the landing as autopilot flew past, while in my experience the autopilot landed about half a mile away from the runway (although this popped the achievement). It might be worth coming back to make the landing yourself to be sure.

With option two, you need to come out of AI copilot control, then press R to activate sim rate, then Ctrl & + on your number pad to increase speed. You can hand it back over to the AI copilot then for most of the flight, although in my testing you'll either need to come back after 45 minutes and drop the sim rate back down with Ctrl & -, or you'll need to make the landing yourself. The AI seems to really struggle at the higher speed.


This can be done MOSTLY with AI co-pilot, if you don't fancy sitting in for the long haul. Skipping ahead on the flight plan didn't seem to work for me, so this took 9-10 hours of the game running to unlock.

I picked the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental, filled it with fuel and minimal payload, set everything to easy and unlimited fuel, with a low-altitude airspace flight plan (I tried the GPS/VOR one and the AI stuck me in a mountain after 5 hours) - going gate-to-gate. I also picked clear skies and disabled the online features so I didn't end up hitting other planes etc.

Once you load in, let the AI take over. They don't seem to fly that efficiently (I'm a newbie to sims so I don't really understand this yet), so I had to come back every 4 hours to top up the fuel (from the payload menu at the top of the screen). Just ran it in the morning while I did some housework and it popped while I was watching TV on Xbox by the afternoon. Somehow, the AI still managed to stick the plane into the side of a building - but hey, I got the pop. So I'm assuming runway-to-runway would be enough.

It's REALLY important to come back and refuel the plane in the menu - I had two failed flights initially as unlimited didn't mean your fuel stays full - it just means you can top up whenever you want.
HB ChakravartinCan be Save or must i directly 9-10 hours fly in one piece?
Posted by HB Chakravartin on 21 Aug 20 at 13:26
SoupaBuoyI'm not sure sorry. I did it in one "sitting" without saving - just running on PC with the screen off.
Posted by SoupaBuoy on 21 Aug 20 at 16:06
Alcoholic SocksI've tried this twice the last 2 days with the AI flying for me. Both times it did awful landing, crashed the plane, and didn't get me the achievement
Posted by Alcoholic Socks on 21 Aug 20 at 16:20
meochan913I would also love to know if someone managed to unlock this achievement using higher sim rate.
Posted by meochan913 on 21 Aug 20 at 17:00
NotTheBestAtAllI can confirm that this achievement can be unlocked using a higher sim rate. However, the autopilot was extremely wild when doing so and as a result, I manually flew most of the way. Likewise, when refueling mid-flight, I suggest lowering the sim rate back down because the plane sinks and dives when more fuel is added, causing me to almost crash. This could be just an issue for me however, this is my first flight sim experience. The flight itself took me around 1 hour. Another heads up, for me, the increased sim rate killed my framerate and managed to only get about 7fps on the faster sim rates. When I arrived at KSEA, I lowered the sim rate back to normal and upon landing the plane manually the achievement popped. I hope this helps.
Posted by NotTheBestAtAll on 21 Aug 20 at 19:20
SoupaBuoyThanks a lot for confirming NotTheBestAtAll. That's super helpful - at least people won't have to leave it on for several long, failed attempts that way like I did! I'll update the solution.
Posted by SoupaBuoy on 21 Aug 20 at 22:22
NotTheBestAtAllNo problem. Happy to help!
Posted by NotTheBestAtAll on 22 Aug 20 at 00:09
AXIOMS OF FATEhow do you refuel mid flight?
Posted by AXIOMS OF FATE on 22 Aug 20 at 13:35
SoupaBuoyIf you have unlimited fuel enabled, you can refuel by clicking the Payload (like an anvil icon) option at the top of the screen, then moving the slider back along to 100%.
Posted by SoupaBuoy on 23 Aug 20 at 00:01
CrackedSeal3236If you use the cessna cj4 jet you don't even need to refuel. It also unlocked the Saddle Sore achievement. Not sure if the second one will unlock if using the increased sim rate.
Posted by CrackedSeal3236 on 23 Aug 20 at 22:26
meochan913Hey guys! When using CJ4 ATC constantly notify me the squawk is incorrect. Any idea how to change it??
Posted by meochan913 on 24 Aug 20 at 04:40
SoupaBuoyThanks CrackedSeal - I'm running an attempt now - hopefully it works and I can rewrite the solution. :)

Meochan - I'm not sure I'm afraid! I'm still very new to the game.
Posted by SoupaBuoy on 24 Aug 20 at 08:00
jrod39Soupabuoy, I just used the first new solution to get this achievement. The autopilot completely botched the initial landing (it flew over KSEA at about 6,000 feet and that marked the objective as complete!) and so I took control, reduced altitude, and then returned control to the autopilot. It did the second landing as smooth as silk. Just wanted to let you know that the solution is now proven! :)
Posted by jrod39 on 25 Aug 20 at 02:47
SoupaBuoyThanks Jrod! The autopilot certainly seems erratic for this one - I just left it to do a different 9-hour flight and it was absolutely fine, but it seems to have real issues with LFBD->KSEA. I'll make a note that landing might require some manual tweaking.
Posted by SoupaBuoy on 25 Aug 20 at 07:05
Tostie14I first did a flight from LFBD to KSEA in the Airbus, using a combination of the co-pilot (for takeoff, taxiing, and landing) and autopilot (once it was off the ground). I did not get the achivement, but I did speed up the sim-rate while it was using the autopilot and I had to reload a part-of-the-way-there save file when I wasn't paying attention and it ran out of fuel. So perhaps it has to happen all in one session instead of being split up at all.

I attempted it again using the Cessna jet with a mix of speeding up the autopilot and switching over to the co-pilot. (No refueling was ever needed.) My co-pilot was not following the waypoints during the final approach to land so I had to land manually but the auto-throttle on the Jet was killing me. I managed a touch-and-go at SEATAC and this time I got the achievement.

Just so I know, when you all refer to autopilot, are you referring to the autopilot buttons (I believe the command is Alt+Z) or the co-pilot (Ctrl+Alt+X)? I think you can only speed up the sim rate when you or the autopilot has control, so I believe you're referring to the former.
Posted by Tostie14 on 27 Aug 20 at 21:35
SoupaBuoyHey Tostie - yeah I think it does have to be in one flight as I had a couple of problems with the Airbus and I tried to do two stints and it didn't work for me either.

By autopilot, I mean the autopilot that you can pick from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen with your mouse. You can't increase the sim rate while it's in control, but you can take control, turn the sim rate up, and then hand control back over - which is what I did. I'll be completely honest and say I didn't realise there were two different options - I still have a lot to learn!
Posted by SoupaBuoy on 27 Aug 20 at 22:40
Luke444kat home it's bug... I put the autopilot, I can see the direction of the GPS, but this asshole goes south !! XD I have 3 tries, it's very strange. And there he just took a mountain in automatic !?! I don't understand anything anymore...
I will have to do it manually, with accelerated speed..

edit : I arrived in front of the airport with the Airbus A320neo, 3000 feet, 230 knots, 2 hours of games in front of my screen to juggle with the simulator accelerator... then the game crashed... shock angry
However I have a nice config, 3700X, 5700XT AE and 32giga of DDR4... But a lot of problems, it becomes hard there to chase achievements on this game X(
Posted by Luke444k on 30 Aug 20 at 05:46
scorpian007I'm working on this achievement now in a CJ4, will let you know how it goes in a few hours
Posted by scorpian007 on 30 Aug 20 at 08:12
SoupaBuoyThanks Scorpian. Hope it goes okay for you!

Luke - are you using the low altitude airways option? That should put the autopilot in a space where mountains aren't an issue.

There is a patch due this week I believe which will hopefully fix a couple of the crashing issues. It should be released on Thursday 3rd.
Posted by SoupaBuoy on 30 Aug 20 at 09:04
Luke444kOh ok Soupaboy. Hope there will be this fix on Thursday.

Otherwise I just did it there with my Airbus A320neo, I lowered the settings to 1080p and I disconnected the BING. I arrive at the Seattle airport, I land. And nothing, no Achievement...
I feel like I wasted my Sunday afternoon cry

A little over an hour to make the trip, juggling between x16 and x32 for simulation speed.
Posted by Luke444k on 30 Aug 20 at 10:31
scorpian007So the game crashed to desktop after about 11 hours when I was 1hr from landing....

So I've attempted it again and this time it crashed as i was on approach, approx 3mins from landing. The game has crashed numerous times upon landing, its infuriating.... as it has not logged around 30 hours of flight time according to the pilot log so will take longer to unlock the 500/1000 hour achievements

Now trying for attempt no 3...
Posted by scorpian007 on 31 Aug 20 at 02:43
scorpian007Update: On the 3rd attempt, managed to take the Cessna CJ4 from LFBD to KSEA mostly in real time, I fast forwarded the last 2 hours at 4x with the AP (not AI) on and performed a manual landing. The Saddle Sore & Frequent Flyer Miles achievements unlocked as soon as I got onto a taxiway. Relieved the game didnt crash or I probably would have given up on this achievement for a while.

Hope this helps others who are trying to do these achievements
Posted by scorpian007 on 31 Aug 20 at 11:12
scorpian007Update: On the 3rd attempt, managed to take the Cessna CJ4 from LFBD to KSEA mostly in real time, I fast forwarded the last 2 hours at 4x with the AP (not AI) on and performed a manual landing. The Saddle Sore & Frequent Flyer Miles achievements unlocked as soon as I got onto a taxiway. Relieved the game didnt crash or I probably would have given up on this achievement for a while.

Hope this helps others who are trying to do these achievements
Posted by scorpian007 on 31 Aug 20 at 14:13
scorpian007Update: On the 3rd attempt, managed to take the Cessna CJ4 from LFBD to KSEA mostly in real time, I fast forwarded the last 2 hours at 4x with the AP (not AI) on and performed a manual landing. The Saddle Sore & Frequent Flyer Miles achievements unlocked as soon as I got onto a taxiway. Relieved the game didnt crash or I probably would have given up on this achievement for a while.

Hope this helps others who are trying to do these achievements
Posted by scorpian007 on 31 Aug 20 at 15:12
erod550Fuel is actually unlimited when you turn on Unlimited Fuel. You just can't mess with it. If you change it, it basically cancels the unlimited fuel. If you leave it alone at the 50% it starts at, it will stay at 50% forever.
Posted by erod550 on 01 Sep 20 at 16:27
Ben L0nd0nI'm following this guide right now, but the AI pilot really can't fly a plane straight, constantly rolling left/right. Also ITT master warning is on pretty much the whole time, at an airspeed of 400 kts. What a tosser!

UPDATE: after the AI copilot turned the plane south a couple times, I switched back to AP. It's not that hard, just use NAV mode and ALT hold. VS mode when having to change altitude.

UPDATE 2: app crashed to desktop on the last leg / approach to KSEA. Attempting it a 2nd time now post recent update, let the AP (not AI!) fly throughout night and manually landed the plane in the morning without any crashes. Frame rate really dropped to unplayable levels at KSEA though so it was a bit nerve wrecking... both achievements unlocked!
Posted by Ben L0nd0n on 02 Sep 20 at 10:24
LeiChatFirst attempt... co pilot flew in to a mountain.
Second attempt... co pilot landed in residential area a few miles north of the runway.
Third time lucky in the King Air 350i. Co pilot was looking sketchy on final so I took control and landed myself.
Posted by LeiChat on 04 Sep 20 at 15:00
SoupaBuoyUpdated to accurately reflect naming conventions for AI co-pilot, as per other solution mentioning confusion.
Posted by SoupaBuoy on 18 Sep 20 at 15:39
TenPatrolATC clearance is needed before take-off and contact ATC after landing.
Posted by TenPatrol on 17 Nov 20 at 02:06
MrWhite2UCliff Note version please
Posted by MrWhite2U on 27 Jul at 01:16
Fuzzmeister JGo ahead and sim this to make it faster. It always took 15 hours with the CJ4 and it will not long pop the 8 hour achievement.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 30 Jul at 01:54
iTz WheezeyIs Auto-Pilot and AI Piloting the same?
Posted by iTz Wheezey on 03 Aug at 10:55
SoupaBuoySlightly different - Auto-pilot is the on-aircraft autopilot, but the solution above is written with the AI Pilot in mind. I probably need to re-run this as they've made updates to the AI Pilot over time, so if anyone does have issues, let me know and I'll try to find a fix.
Posted by SoupaBuoy on 03 Aug at 11:21
SashamorningI'm not finding a way to speed up the time, I can only jump to a later point of the flight on the console version. That hadn't seemed to work yet, and my console has created a few times trying to do the whole flight.
Posted by Sashamorning on 03 Aug at 23:48
SoupaBuoyOh yeah I forgot that the console players would be coming looking for a solution. I don't have a Series X/S to test out on, unfortunately - but I will note that this was tested on PC.

The setting for speeding up on PC is called "increase sim rate", but it taxes the CPU so it might not be on console at all?
Posted by SoupaBuoy on 04 Aug at 08:36
DE4N MUFCI don’t think “sim rate” is on Series X/S at all, so it looks like us console users are gunna be in for the long haul for this achievement. Shame we won’t be able to use the quick resume feature to play other games while the game is running in the background as doing so will just pause the game.
Posted by DE4N MUFC on 04 Aug at 11:06
iTz Wheezey@DE4N MUFC - Sim Rate is available on Xbox. From the main menu go to options > Controls Options > add filter as ‘all’ > now search ‘sim rate’ in search by name. This will appear under miscellaneous. Now you need to bind the three options. I used the following: Sim Rate = RB+L3, Increase Sim Rate = RB+Up & Decrease Sim Rate = RB+Down.

Although Sim Rate is on Xbox I have tried this three times and no achievement unlocked - all three were successful i.e take off and landing in the right places. Looks as though we need to go with option one or use a different plane (going to test this)
Posted by iTz Wheezey on 04 Aug at 15:45
SoupaBuoyThere's a distinct possibility that the requirements have adjusted in some way since I wrote the original solution, perhaps to do with a need to taxi or land manually or something? I might try another run at it myself with an alt account to see what happens. People are still unlocking it, but I don't know if they're doing it "legit".
Posted by SoupaBuoy on 04 Aug at 16:19
DE4N MUFC@iTz Wheezey - Thanks I’ll give that a try when I next play the game. If it doesn’t help unlock the achievement then I’m not sure option 1 is worth doing, I tried it and left the game running while the controller was connected but the game pauses after being idle for so long and there’s no way I’m sitting the whole 8/9 hours for 20GS. While I’m here do you know how to unlock the weekly activity achievement? There is nothing to let us know how to do them.
Posted by DE4N MUFC on 04 Aug at 17:35
iTz Wheezey@DE4N MUFC not sure about the weekly one either. I agree not sitting around for 8hrs don’t enjoy the game that much 😂 To confirm I have tried another plane and used sim rate from option one and no luck with the achievement again.
Posted by iTz Wheezey on 04 Aug at 21:51
HealttiTried this with +Sim rate and manual landing, no pop.

@SoupaBuoy, consider overhauling your solution since both CJ4 method for Saddle Sore and the +Sim rate trick have been patched out.
Posted by Healtti on 07 Aug at 10:35
West408Yeah, just tried option 2, manual landing with simrate, no pop.
Posted by West408 on 07 Aug at 12:19
Pantscat101Tried a few times on xbox, left it for full 9-10 hours, always seemed to crash- the xbox not the plane! So had it on all day in background and saved regularly- crashed again, loaded save, manually flew approach and landing- didn’t pop!!!! So I’m guessing you can’t save and reload :(
Posted by Pantscat101 on 07 Aug at 20:30
SoupaBuoyThanks for the heads up @Healtti and @West408 - were you both testing on Series S/X? I can re-test this on PC and will do, but it won't address console testing as I don't own the new machines.
Posted by SoupaBuoy on 08 Aug at 12:00
CuddIe BunnyJust completed this flight and the 8 hour flight achievement popped, but this one did not. RIP.
Posted by CuddIe Bunny on 08 Aug at 14:51
SashamorningI have now almost completed this 3 times, and the console crashed every time. Once I even made it to the descent into Seattle.

I have the Series X. Come on, Microsoft. I know it's an intense game even for the SX, but it shouldn't crash this much.
Posted by Sashamorning on 08 Aug at 22:19
AHalThis cannot be done on Xbox right now in SU5 without speeding the sim up 32x. Xbox will ctd every time between 7-9 hours flight time. Long haul flights are broken at the moment. Like, gamebreakingly broken. Flights over 8-9 hours are nearly impossible to complete without saving to resume after the coming ctd, but then it doesn’t count as a complete flight.
Posted by AHal on 09 Aug at 13:06
SoupaBuoyThat's a shame. I'll be looking at re-testing/reworking the solution on PC to check it's still fir for there, but it sounds like there are bigger issues on Series X.
Posted by SoupaBuoy on 09 Aug at 15:56
LaDebaucheJust got it on the second try on a Series X. It crashed on the 9-ish hour the first time. I turned it off, and tried the next day before going to sleep. I got up, checked it litteraly 30 seconds before it crashed on some mountains, saved the day and kept and eye on it while working before manually landing it. It took something like 12 hours.
Posted by LaDebauche on 12 Aug at 15:12
TweeKING KEVSo if I am reading all these comments and understanding them correctly, the only real hope currently for us Series X/S users is to let autopilot take it basically all night (maybe check in on it in the middle of the night and be sure its still ok) then set an alarm for about a half hour before landing and do it manually?

SU5 disabled the achievement with sim rate also???
Posted by TweeKING KEV on 17 Aug at 00:16
Speedy PhantomI just unlocked this achievement and can confirm that Sim Rate can still be used for this one. I used the CJ4.
Posted by Speedy Phantom on 17 Aug at 21:14
nearlybaldFYI I did this with sim rate like the guide describes on my PC, took 1 hour. The achievement didn't pop when I landed and taxi'd to a parking spot. Decided to setup a flight without sim rate and about 20 minutes into the flight the achievement popped. Probably very delayed.
Posted by nearlybald on 18 Aug at 14:53
ASHBA KNOWSI can confirm that the sim rate doesn't affect the achievement, playing on Xbox Series, I just unlocked in less than an hour
Posted by ASHBA KNOWS on 19 Aug at 19:34
SincereSeeker6Whoops... I tried it three times and accidentally put in LFDB for the starting airport instead of LFBD.... That explains why it wasn't popping.
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 22 Aug at 21:27
SKIDMARK BURTONThis is literally impossible to do because the game crashes all the time and you can’t save flights! This game is a mess on the Xbox.
Posted by SKIDMARK BURTON on 01 Sep at 22:57
MikkDCYou can save flights. Or do you mean, you can't save flights or it invalidates the achievement progress? To save a flight, just press the menu button to pause and then the view button to bring up the Save/Load menu.
Posted by MikkDC on 07 Sep at 22:45
MikkDCKeeps crashing for me between waypoints GONUK and ROMRA during low altitude IFR flight plan. On Xbox Series S. Going to try to manually remove ROMRA and add a waypoint taking me directly west and then turning south into Seattle to avoid those waypoints and see what happens.
Posted by MikkDC on 22 Sep at 22:15