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Win Rookie of the Year with one of your players.

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21 Aug 2020 21 Aug 2020
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I used the Cincinnati Bengals for this achievement, but you can do it with any team that has a good rookie. The easiest would be Cincinnati (Burrow) or Washington (Young).

1. Go to franchise, active roster, pick Cincinnati, head coach, start regular season.
2. Max out all of Joe Burrow's attributes to make him a 99 OVR.
2.5. Also change his dev trait to X-Factor and when it is revealed you will unlock
Madden NFL 21 (Xbox One)Stud FinderDaFlame12The Stud Finder achievement in Madden NFL 21 (Xbox One) worth 39 pointsDraft a rookie with a Hidden Dev Trait.

3. Sim to Super Bowl, as this is when yearly awards get announced.

I got this first try using this method, but if you don't, just try again and it shouldn't take long.

Please feel free to message or comment with any questions. Happy hunting!
StrongProtectorJust an extra note, if you do this method, you'll likely get MVP as well like I did with Burrow and unlike that achievement as well.
Posted by StrongProtector on 28 Aug 20 at 07:46
DaFlame12Somehow didn't happen for me, but it definitely has a chance.
Posted by DaFlame12 on 28 Aug 20 at 20:28
SmallGenie549Does this have to be offensive? I got ROTY with a defensive player and it didn't unlock.
Posted by SmallGenie549 on 25 Sep 20 at 18:02
A WILD SHARKI just got offensive rookie of the year with a WR I drafted and it did not unlock for me either.
Posted by A WILD SHARK on 19 Oct 20 at 02:56
EscapeTheRoachIt's better do this type of achievements with a downloaded custom roster, the one with a 99 OVR team so you can sim all season and unlock more achievements at the same time.
Posted by EscapeTheRoach on 21 Oct 20 at 16:25