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Great Interior Design

Defeat an enemy using the environment.

Great Interior Design0
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22 Aug 2020 23 Aug 2020
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During story or stage select:
Stage 8 - Prison Ship. Second to last stage.

In the beginning of the stage after running in the sand you will have to fight two rooms of enemies first.

The third room will have these purple bugs (Lazarus creatures) that spawn with a cutscene as soon as you walk in. There are two giant heavy steel crates on the side right away start attacking them with your sword it helps to slide with LB and cut to break the locks on them. You only need the front breaks. Dodge out of the way when the brick falls down.

Sometimes you can autolock and attack the enemies instead of the crate. You have two chances at this if you don't get it right away have the bugs kill you for a restart. Unfortunately you start in the first room.