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True Legend

Shoot Par or better on 18 holes of an official course on Legend difficulty.

True Legend-0.3
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Kourageous XYKourageous XY356,843
23 Aug 2020 04 Sep 2020
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Edit: there is currently a way around this achievement. Play a scramble match with your difficulty on legendary and a partner on easy. If you finish under par that way, you'll unlock it. Just pick your partners ball every time.

This achievement is going to be difficult regardless, but there are ways to make it way easier.

Starters: pick clubs with large swing planes and high forgiveness.

Swing planes increase the width your swing can stay within before things get wonky. These tend to also give you a lot of shot shape, as you can then hit across the ball, creating purposeful, controlled dramatic fades or pulls.
Forgiveness affects how badly the ball reacts when you miss your swing plane/have bad tempo.

I used the starter clubs across the board. They cost no money and have pretty good forgiveness.

Driver: 11° HBS Classic F01
3 wood: HBS Classic F01
5 wood: HBS Classic F01
3-9 Iron: HBS Classic F01
PW/GW/SW/LW: HBS Classic FS8

Next, course. TPC Boston from the red tees is barely 5200 yards. I drove the green on 3 holes for eagle putts, you are basically chipping/pitching to the green except par 5s, which are usually 100-150 yard approach shots. On top of this the greens are big and mainly flat. I recommend the second pins. The first hole gets placed worse, but it's away from the false front, and MANY of the other holes move away from difficult bunkers. I've done it on both, I feel the second set will benefit most people, but the first isn't terrible.

Set your course conditions to completely easy, so no wind, very slow greens, very soft fairways/greens, and noon with no clouds so you can see the green breaks easier.

When on the course ready to hit, press B to bring up your yardage book. This will show your character with an arrow for where your facing and triangulated distances to the pin. Use this along with the carry distance of your clubs to determine your club strategy. When hitting your second/third shots on par 4s and 5s, press R1 from this yardage book screen to focus on the green. This will give you distance to the pin.

Now the hard part, hitting smoothly.
First: CALIBRATE YOUR SWING IN TRAINING MODE. It will alter the timing for you, so what feels comfortable for your is the timing it wants you to shoot for. Focus on a straight swing path. bad tempo but a good swing path gives you a pretty playable miss. Bad swing path and bad tempo is when you get crazy slices or pulls. If you tend to have a fast tempo, aim left, and slow, aim right. For putting, lightly pull your stick back. The power estimation it gives you tends to be a little heavy handed on these flat greens. I will purposefully hit a percentage or two under on long range putts so I don't end up outside of an easy second putt. I tend to pull lightly back and then sort of jab forward. It works well for my tempo. Find what's comfortable.

Some notes on the automatic club selection: Club up from the rough based on your lie percentage (seen in the top right corner), the game will give you a club that would travel to the pin on a perfect lie, not a 67-77% heavy rough.

Lob wedge pitch shots are way shorter than you expect. They were the most finicky part of the game for me.
If you game auto sets you to chip, club up once, maybe twice. It won't account for the very slow greens, so it'll be short.

Pay attention to how your ball bounces when it lands by the hole, the green breaks in the direction of the bounce.

Be wary of when you're hitting off hills. The direction the slope goes, the ball will go. So aim to compensate for this.
erod550Things that helped me:
Don’t use pitches, ever. They are super inconsistent and almost always way way short.
Use splash/flop shots instead which were way more consistent for me.
Just try to be consistent with your swing, even if it’s really far off. Like I was pretty consistently very slow with my normal tempo. So I just owned it and aimed way left on everything.
TPC Boston was a great tip. The very short length helps you make up some ground here and there.
Don’t give up. It’s going to suck bad the first several rounds. Just keep at it and get to know where your trouble spots are on the course.
Posted by erod550 on 23 Aug 20 at 03:42
Kourageous XYPersonally, pitches worked well for me due to the flat, slow greens of the course, I could easily control the roll out to within a couple of feet. The thing that screwed me up was on lob wedges, the distance drops dramatically, improportionate to the percentage. I recognized this after, playing with my yardage on again. An 80% pitch with a lob wedge will only go like 25 yards.
Splash shots are definitely great, and the game provides you a pretty strong set up from the get go with them out of bunkers, as long as you aren't in too long a bunker.
I haven't used flop shots too many times because my success has been mediocre, but I should explore them more because it's hindering my work around the greens, especially heavily undulating ones, due to being unable to have a good line for a pitch or chip.
Working within your own tempo is a great tip, as long as you know what the ball is generally going to due, you've got a lot less of a challenge.
Posted by Kourageous XY on 23 Aug 20 at 10:31
OLOTThe splash shot is clutch. It’s one of the only shots that doesn’t go much offline and doesn’t lose much distance even when you go “very slow” on the swing. I used it exclusively inside of 44 yards. (Adjusting for the rough and lie as necessary.)

My first complete round was 89. Then I went 77, 78, 77 and finally 71. (With 2 or 3 additional start overs after a couple holes mixed in...) Towards the latter part of my fourth round I was starting to get ‘slow’ swings much more frequently than ‘very slow’.

Thanks for all the helpful tips in this solution as well as the comments.
Posted by OLOT on 25 Aug 20 at 07:18
Kourageous XYYeah, I've since used the splash shot more and it has become my go to between 10-40 yards. Y'all are correct, very helpful shot.

I'm glad erod550 and I were able to help you unlock it!
Posted by Kourageous XY on 25 Aug 20 at 12:09
DMpmp13Another little hint. When putting, you'd rather under hit your ball than over hit. When I under hit a putt, it wasn't as bad as over hitting. It usually went way past the hole. Keep in mind this is only for putting.
Posted by DMpmp13 on 26 Aug 20 at 13:05
Kourageous XYYou're correct DMpmp13, I noted the same in the section that starts with me saying to calibrate your swing.
Posted by Kourageous XY on 26 Aug 20 at 14:44
FF Square EnixJust got it thanks for the tips, after about 15 rounds finally shot -3 (68) following 2 rounds of 72, very fun achievement, got my 1000g with this achievement, thanks again.
Posted by FF Square Enix on 26 Aug 20 at 14:57
TempleOfFivekudos to anyone that got this. did 2 holes and was 9 over par and gave up. brutal.
Posted by TempleOfFive on 27 Aug 20 at 04:22
FF Square EnixIn my first round I was 24 over par, lol
Posted by FF Square Enix on 27 Aug 20 at 07:29
Proud Dad MCALGreat guide, helped a lot, ended up with a 69!
Posted by Proud Dad MCAL on 28 Aug 20 at 23:19
golfkid210Can anyone confirm that you need to have the Swing Timing setting turned on for this achievement? I just shot a 60 on TPC Boston from the red tees with it off, and did not get the achievement. For the life of me I can't get any sort of consistency with the swing timing, even after calibrating in the practice area and so I have it turned off.
Posted by golfkid210 on 29 Aug 20 at 07:12
Kourageous XYYou have to have it on, when you turn it off, your difficulty is now custom, not legend. It's overall difficulty, not swing difficulty.
Posted by Kourageous XY on 29 Aug 20 at 17:35
alandonovanNot tried this yet, saving it for later 🤒, but can you turn anything of the settings on or off when you select Legend, or does it pre select all your settings?
I am playing amateur but with many of the aids turned off, so I have Custom. But when I select Legend.... it still says custom??
Don’t really want to sink time that will be wasted if that is not what is required.
Many thanks
Posted by alandonovan on 29 Aug 20 at 20:05
Kourageous XYYou need to select Legend on the First difficulty setting, not swing difficulty. It shouldn't say custom anywhere. You can't change any settings or it will change it to custom.
Posted by Kourageous XY on 29 Aug 20 at 20:14
alandonovanThanks. I will have to do this at sometime, probably be the last one 🤞
Posted by alandonovan on 30 Aug 20 at 05:42
JJ DANG3RWhen talking about the course, did you mean second pins instead of second tees? It said to do red tees in the beginning.
Posted by JJ DANG3R on 01 Sep 20 at 01:27
Kourageous XYI do! Fixed it. Sorry about that.
Posted by Kourageous XY on 01 Sep 20 at 02:22
AKfoy0faceLol. This is insane.
Posted by AKfoy0face on 02 Sep 20 at 00:51
GuyPandemoniumYou have to love the inconsistency of the swing temp and the power you actually get from traps and rough.
Posted by GuyPandemonium on 02 Sep 20 at 17:31
Silvano 92 Juveif it is to hard to do for you,
please read here the easy way:
Posted by Silvano 92 Juve on 04 Sep 20 at 14:13
alandonovanI’m a very average golfer, but I got this using the Scramble method, it certainly works atm and well done to the gamer for working this out.
First, kudos to all who got this legitimately... superb achievement and you can feel really good about your skill.
Playing on Legend, I sort of coped with driving, but how the hell do you read the greens, I could see no definitive breaks?
I may try Legend again, if I feel I need some punishment 🙏🏼
Posted by alandonovan on 05 Sep 20 at 07:15
WastingAeonsGetting my butt kicked trying to do this legit =(

For the people using the Scramble method is there some sort of trick? Does the partner need to be a real player over Xbox live? I tried 3 times doing local match and private match with guests, all same controller with no luck.
Posted by WastingAeons on 06 Sep 20 at 21:55
Kourageous XYThey did release an update that may have patched it.
Posted by Kourageous XY on 06 Sep 20 at 22:54
WastingAeonsOy vey, indeed my game patched to 1.05 yesterday lol. Grinding it is then.
Posted by WastingAeons on 06 Sep 20 at 23:10
ChozoCraigHey, just weighing in here. Just got this achievement using the Scramble method as of this morning. Though I’m proud to say I made some pretty darn good shots even on Legend difficulty. But it was nice to save a bad shot or two using my Scramble partner’s lie.

By the way, not sure how TPC Louisiana is, but I played on Royal Ethalwind (red tees). Not a bad course but some of the later greens are VERY tricky! Earlier ones were no trouble, though.
Posted by ChozoCraig on 07 Sep 20 at 12:56
SwiftIikeGot this today using the scramble method toast
Posted by SwiftIike on 07 Sep 20 at 17:28
FamousHumpHCan confirm scramble method works after the update, just got it, thanks for the tips!
Posted by FamousHumpH on 10 Sep 20 at 10:33
GuyPandemoniumFinally got this today legit after over 100+ tries on TPC Boston using this guide with exception to the pin locations, I left them all on. Finished -3 would strongly recommend playing normal to see how the greens break and take pictures. Once I got a good feel my 4th attempt after playing normally I got it.
Posted by GuyPandemonium on 10 Sep 20 at 14:17
OlesAtTh3WheelScramble doesn't work. Lies.
Posted by OlesAtTh3Wheel on 11 Sep 20 at 00:08
Kourageous XYI just unlocked it with my second account I'm using for the walkthrough using the scramble method yesterday. You have to be on full legend difficulty, not just swing difficulty. I did it with 1 controller and 3 guests.
Posted by Kourageous XY on 11 Sep 20 at 01:09
WastingAeonsI dont imagine why it would matter, but maybe a disc vs digital install? I can't get it with my digital download.
Posted by WastingAeons on 11 Sep 20 at 03:08
Kourageous XYI got it with a digital download. Make sure it's an official course, it's 18 holes.
Posted by Kourageous XY on 11 Sep 20 at 04:17
WastingAeonsK. Just shot a legit 69 on Tpc Boston and it didn't pop. This is bugged 😭

Edit1: it actually looks like my profile is corrupted, cant even unlock the multiplayer achievements. Wtf

Edit2: I'm an idiot lol. I had set up a PiHole instance a month ago and it was blocking the url needed to hit MS servers. Silly you have to be online for em to pop, but all is well. Thank you for the guide!
Posted by WastingAeons on 12 Sep 20 at 21:45
D RomaineI can actually confirm today that this works using the scramble method with three guests as stated above. It must be glitched, because it popped on my second scramble match on TPC Boston, not my first on a different official course.
Posted by D Romaine on 16 Sep 20 at 18:49
Skaos3010This does work using the scramble method. However, I tried several times with no luck. I then did the game today and made sure my player (the one playing on Legend) was getting most of the winning putts. I also made sure that I used some of his shots during the game, to even things a little. When I did, the achievement unlocked first time. If you're having issues, might be worth trying this...
Posted by Skaos3010 on 17 Sep 20 at 16:17
D Romaine@Skaos3010 - That might be true, because I picked a lot of the legend shots in my second game, and I only picked a couple in the first one.
Posted by D Romaine on 17 Sep 20 at 17:41
Skaos3010@D Romaine I believe so. I did it 11 times while taking all of my partners shots. The first time I took some of my own shots and did a few putts it worked so. Hopefully this will helped poeple going forward.
Posted by Skaos3010 on 17 Sep 20 at 22:13
This Is Woz08just did this with the scramble method worked first time. i used 90% of my mains tee shots, the guest to lay it up right next to the hole and then my main to putt it in on all but one hole
Posted by This Is Woz08 on 19 Sep 20 at 12:42
OlesAtTh3WheelScramble works but you defo have to use main profile for last shot. It's quite an easy achievement if you know how to play the game and use RB to switch to the better positioned ball when playing.
Posted by OlesAtTh3Wheel on 19 Sep 20 at 22:35
Goots 88Just got this first try on scramble. Try and use most drives you can with your player. If really bad choose your partners shot. ALWAYS putt in with your player. If you have to, lag up with partner for easy tap in. +1 for the guide. I consider myself an above avg golf gamer but the inconsistency on Legend is absurd!
Posted by Goots 88 on 23 Sep 20 at 10:30
Gr8t 0n3This worked perfectly. I shot -6 under with my partner set on easy. Also got the Eggcellent achievement at the same time
Posted by Gr8t 0n3 on 04 Oct 20 at 18:20
ObscureMindwayshow to put legendary difficulty
Posted by ObscureMindways on 12 Oct 20 at 14:36
Kourageous XYUnder your player settings
Posted by Kourageous XY on 12 Oct 20 at 23:19
PUNISHERxN7Can you change the course settings? ie wind...
Posted by PUNISHERxN7 on 15 Oct 20 at 09:20
PUNISHERxN7Can you change the course settings? ie wind...
Posted by PUNISHERxN7 on 15 Oct 20 at 09:32
Skaos3010Yes, you can change the settings for wind, softness of the ground etc.. As long as it says Legend on your swing type in the options. It cannot say custom.
Posted by Skaos3010 on 15 Oct 20 at 10:27
xRazorbladexDo I have to play all 4 characters? I can't figure out how to make the other team ghosts or cpu?
Posted by xRazorbladex on 25 Nov 20 at 19:38
Goots 88^ yes. Control all 4 golfers. Just be sure to use your main players drives and have him putt in each hole just to be safe. If you have to, just putt real close with teammate.
Posted by Goots 88 on 25 Nov 20 at 21:13
machinesnipes72Can confirm. I accidentally putted it in with my partner a few times trying to get it close. I also rarely took my main profile's drive. The ONLY hole that I did both on was the 1st and 18th. So I believe that as long as you do both on the 1st and the 18th, you should be fine
Posted by machinesnipes72 on 03 Dec 20 at 09:25
STONEWALLJxxPIHJust did the scramble match and controlled all 4 players finished round, no achievement. Any tips?
Posted by STONEWALLJxxPIH on 26 Dec 20 at 06:09
Goots 88See my comment above.
Posted by Goots 88 on 27 Dec 20 at 02:52
BonkekookDid this today via Scramble. Just made sure to pick my Main's position on Legendary on occasion but I didn't do anything specific otherwise. I know for a fact I didn't sink Holes 1 or 18 with the Legendary golfer.
Posted by Bonkekook on 05 Jan at 01:26
Antdid this also 1v1 scramble with 2 on each team main set to highest difficulty and rest to easy, nothing popped and was 7 under
Posted by Ant#2827 on 01 Feb at 02:41
BarkingSpider7Having the same issue. Played Scramble, my player on legendary others on beginner. Controlled all 4 players made sure my legendary players team won the match and was under par. Nothing. Played TPC Boston with only "no wind" adjustment.
Any ideas or suggestions?

Posted by BarkingSpider7 on 02 Feb at 01:13

Try making sure you sink it with your player on each hole and just miss it with the other person on your team, worked for me trying that after it didn't pop
Posted by Ant#2827 on 03 Feb at 02:52
BarkingSpider7I got it today, here's what I did. My player on legendary, 3 guests on beginner. Played Boston, red tees, #2 pins. In settings no wind, very soft for fairways and greens, very slow greens, noon, clear conditions. made sure to use a few shots from my profile, but primarily my partner. Probably made 3 putts total. Made sure to be under par and made sure to beat other team. Didn't adjust to all those settings when it didn't pop, but that's the set-up that worked. Good Luck!
Posted by BarkingSpider7 on 03 Feb at 03:30
Cyan wl71Thanks guys, your solutions worked perfectly. I followed your settings and suggestions to the letter - it popped for me a few seconds after my final putt.
Posted by Cyan wl71 on 02 Mar at 10:29
SGT ImpalerThis solution, along with BarkingSpider’s comments, made this a very easy achievement to complete. Well done. +1 for you.
Posted by SGT Impaler on 26 Apr at 12:46
RobTheElderlyScramle option, partner on easiest and your advice.......21 under. Thank you.
Posted by RobTheElderly on 24 May at 14:48
pezza888Do you need a second controller for the partner on easy?
Posted by pezza888 on 17 Jun at 14:42
DyssidentOne controller is all that's needed. The game asks you which controller for each player and you can just choose controller 1 for pass-and-play.
Posted by Dyssident on 17 Jun at 16:56
Tandar1Still works 6/21/21 paired with Egg-celent match also
Posted by Tandar1 on 22 Jun at 02:13
mmcqueenie90I tried this 07/07/21. Finished -8, chose my ball a few times & it didn't unlock.
Posted by mmcqueenie90 on 07 Jul at 11:50
DJBringaTried this method on 7/14/21, unlocked successfully
Posted by DJBringa on 14 Jul at 19:16
DaMasta477the scramble method still works as of today but i used the Pearl Mountain Golf Club course instead as i found it easier.
Posted by DaMasta477 on 18 Jul at 17:16