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Big Spender

Win a free agent bidding war for a 90+ OVR player.

Big Spender0
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23 Aug 2020 23 Aug 2020
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- Settings Tab 》 Share & Manage Files 》 Download Community Files 》Search "Cheevo Guides" and Download my Custom Roster
- Now LOAD the Custom Roster (It doesn't load automatically after download)
- Franchise 》Create New League
- OFFLINE/Use Active Roster
- Select the 49ers *Custom Roster* (They are Ranked 99, and have the #1 Draft Pick, Joe Burrow)
- League Settings 》Salary Cap - OFF
- League Settings 》Quarter Length - 1 Minute
- Start League
- Advance/Sim to Off-Season
- Press "Players Ready to Negotiate"
- Negotiate with a Player. Increase their Signing Bonus so they Accept your offer *It is not guaranteed they accept. If not, try another player.
- Advance/Sim 1 week
- Next week some of your 99 players will turn to Free Agents. All we need to do is Sign One
- Sign Free Agents
- Now sign one of the 99 Rated Players that left your team
JohnlovesWWEI resigned George Kittle and Richard Sherman and it didn't pop.
Posted by JohnlovesWWE on 28 Nov 20 at 18:01