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Live and Let Drive

In 3P Co-Op, all be on bikes together - for 300 seconds!

Live and Let Drive+0.3
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23 Aug 2020 23 Aug 2020
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For the more old-school approach:
get 2 chopsticks and a load of blu tack.
line up your 3 controllers (one above the other, flat on a table) with a little blu tack to keep them in place. put a blob of blu tack in each dip of the left thumbstick and lay a chopstick across them and then build up more blu tack until you can steer with the chopstick and all 3 thumbsticks move.
add a good sized blob of blu tack onto each A button and lay a chopstick across them too so you can jump with all three at the same time.
play on tadpole. at the start of each section move completely to one side to stack your roads. every chance you get bump them against a wall to restack as they’ll drift a bit unless your chopstick steering is really good.
uhKillswitchThis is genius! Thumbs up from me.
It took me two hours to get this achievement using the method where you remap your keys. Reading your solution just after unlocking it made me wish I had seen it before.
Posted by uhKillswitch on 23 Aug 20 at 22:07
M4G II N3ROAwesome!
Posted by M4G II N3RO on 26 Aug 20 at 07:29
Proud Dad MCALAbsolute legend... worked great!
Posted by Proud Dad MCAL on 30 Aug 20 at 00:48
Posted by Sanjoe on 31 Aug 20 at 19:14
pantyhamsterTook a few tries still, but I would never have got this otherwise! It's also hilarious and sure makes it a memorable achievement! Thanks
Posted by pantyhamster on 03 Sep 20 at 09:23
Madtown BThis is a galaxy brain solution. Congrats on the shout out by the Xbox twitter!
Posted by Madtown B on 03 Sep 20 at 21:13
In Gyi YoonThis is pure genius. Thanks alot!
Posted by In Gyi Yoon on 26 Sep 20 at 17:22
xTweed421Add me for the coop achievements

GT: xTweed421
Posted by xTweed421 on 28 Nov 20 at 17:07
EverStoned77xTweed421: Good idea especially if the game had online coop, so far it's couch coop only... I have plenty friends/family I can do this with but the few that I have that are actual gamers play on PC & doubt they'll EVER get to 5minutes so blu tack chopsticks to the rescue laugh
Posted by EverStoned77 on 29 Dec 20 at 23:36
AhziiadalThis didn't work for 3 reasons. 1. My paddles are all of a slightly different size, and thus elevation 2. One of my paddles occasionally bugs out and moves to the left 3. The tack would often stick the a button in place making one unable to jump. After trying for a while, I think I'll take my chances with my family members...
Posted by Ahziiadal on 13 Jan at 22:44
OliverSportingQuem precisar fazer conquistas Coop desse jogo adc e manda uma mensagem
Posted by OliverSporting on 20 Jul at 01:47
EverStoned77OliverSporting: o jogo só tem cooperativa local ... translated with Google translate so not sure how accurate it is so in English: sadly the game is only local coop so you can't play it online only on the same Xbox/TV... it's a super weird decision to not make this have online co-op as the game would've been even more popular & people like me that are surrounded by crappy PC players that will NEVER be able to reach 5 mins on a turbobike would actually have a chance of getting the last 2 achievements for 100% without having to resort to blutack & chopsticks laugh
Posted by EverStoned77 on 21 Jul at 00:24