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Beat the last rival in PGA TOUR Career.

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24 Aug 2020 25 Aug 2020
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There are a total of 12 rivals for you to beat. Most of them require 28 "Rival Points" to beat them, with the final rival, cover athlete Justin Thomas, requiring 35. You can get up to 7 points per round based on:
-Shots Taken
-Front 9 Score
-Back 9 Score
-Birdies or Better
-No Bogey Round
-Best Hole
-Worst Hole

If you get all 7 points every round, it will therefore take 4 rounds to beat most rivals and move on to the next one. If they tie you or beat you on any of the criteria, it may take an extra round to get the points you need to win the rivalry.

You can view your status by going to the PGA TOUR Career Home menu and using cn_RB to get over to the Records tab. From there, select My Rivals. It will take you about a season and a half total to get through them all so just keep playing in every tournament beating them on the 7 criteria as best you can and eventually you will beat the last rival. You can play with the season difficulty on Very Easy and your golfer difficulty on Beginner to make it go faster.
AZ Gunner 26Any word on bugs for this achievement? I beat Justin Thomas, and it shows that I have "bested all rivals" but the achievement did not pop. I even ran the next tournament to see if it would pop after and no luck.
Posted by AZ Gunner 26 on 27 Aug 20 at 20:57
alandonovanI hope HBS sort this out, I feel for you 🥴
Posted by alandonovan on 27 Aug 20 at 21:40
MrWhite2UI’m currently 2/3 through the first season. Obviously it’s unlocking for some, tracker is at 0.17% 🤞🏻
Posted by MrWhite2U on 28 Aug 20 at 03:01
Tatey@AZ Gunner 26. I have the exact same issue :/
Posted by Tatey on 30 Aug 20 at 20:49
JJ DANG3RUnlocked for me right away no problems. Sorry guys.
Posted by JJ DANG3R on 01 Sep 20 at 15:47
This Is Woz08just popped for me also no problems
Posted by This Is Woz08 on 01 Sep 20 at 20:46
AKfoy0faceJust to point out that if you arent able to defeat all rivals on your first go around after winning the fed ex cup your rivals do not reset upon starting a new season. I only did one round for each tournament and was only able to get to the 2nd to last rival.
Posted by AKfoy0face on 01 Sep 20 at 20:48
erod550Yea I guess I should have clarified when I said it would take a season and a half that was talking about 1 round per tournament.
Posted by erod550 on 02 Sep 20 at 04:13
Antif it doesn't pop is it worth deleting your save to try to so it will pop the 2nd time around?
Posted by Ant#2827 on 20 Nov 20 at 20:52
Gamer Jams OnWhen going for this achievement, in addition to setting 1 round tournaments, I recommend going into settings>cameras and presentation and toggle off pga tour highlights. Otherwise after every other shot you will have to watch a cutscene and endure additional loading. You'll save a lot of time this way.
Posted by Gamer Jams On on 17 Jun at 18:28
Gamer Jams OnAlso make sure to choose easy contracts because if you choose the more difficult ones and you fail to complete all 3 objectives in the contract, in my experience you do not get the points towards beating your rival.
Posted by Gamer Jams On on 17 Jun at 18:31
Agrophobic AckyWill the achievement pop if I carry on to the second season and beat my remaining rivals or do I have to delete my save and start again?
Posted by Agrophobic Acky on 05 Aug at 23:38
erod550If my notes here are correct, it's not possible to unlock it in the first season and you must play about halfway through the second season to unlock it.
Posted by erod550 on 07 Aug at 07:31
planchetflawI just finished my first full season and I am 6/35 on the final rival. So another 5 events of 1 round in the second season should do it for me. Thankfully not half the season.
Posted by planchetflaw on 23 Aug at 11:01