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Long Live the Crown

Eliminate 2 Crownbearers in the same match.

Long Live the Crown-1.1
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Danny BizzDanny Bizz470,857
27 Aug 2020 27 Aug 2020
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When going for this achievement, keep a few things in mind:
1. You need to stay alive long enough to make it to the end, which is when the crown spawns. I recommend avoiding encounters you aren't certain you'll win, and grabbing the hacks you feel most comfortable evading with (for me, that's Slam and Teleport - more on this later).

2. You'll want highly or fully fused weapons to kill the crownbearer quickly.

3. If you have good squadmates, it's likely easiest to make it to endgame in squads mode. I generally found Solos easier to reach the crown round in, but that's for you to decide.

All said, here's my recommended kit:
- Skybreaker, fully fused (this gun is amazing, huge splash damage and kills in 2 shots when fully fused. Aim it at the floor or wall next to the crownbearer to kill them extremely fast)
- Riot one or Ripper, fully fused - Riot one is my preference because it does huge damage. The Mammoth shotgun can be a good choice if the crown spawns in an indoor, close quarters area, but that's pretty rare.

- Slam + Teleport, fully fused: These provide the mobility you need to (a) stay alive until the crown spawns, (b) keep up with the crownbearer when they're running away, and (c) get vertical so you can shoot the Skybreaker down on the crownbearer.

To state the obvious, you should never pick up the crown when going for this. This is another reason why Solos is easier than squads unless you're playing with teammates who know what you're trying to do.
GtrErrolThanks for the guide! This tip has earned me other kills too, as Skybreaker is a good weapon to be honest. However, the last circle is a pain. Lots of people around and this achievement is hard, but don't know if it is affecting the new update. I really want to get rid of it!
Posted by GtrErrol on 04 Sep at 04:56