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Workplace Recreation

Play a single game in Arcade Mode

Workplace Recreation-0.1
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30 Aug 2020 01 Sep 2020
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You find the arcade machine in the ACTIVE INVESTIGATIONS ROOM, after you've first encountered Hartman. The machine seems to have two modes, CROWD CONTROL and DEADLINE.

The description says, you need to play an arcade game.... but it looks like you actually have to complete one game successfully.

I got it on Crowd Control (surviving enemy hordes).

If you're struggling (and you don't mind feeling like you're cheating), just turn on assist mode. It will be a breeze.

Once you complete a game, you unlock the achievement and the other arcade machine lights up as well with five new game modes!
QuasarWaerterYou can activate the assist mode. The achievement will unlock. Just did it with assist on.
Posted by QuasarWaerter on 31 Aug 20 at 19:28
FightingMegaFooCan you use assist mode for ALL achievements, or just this one?
Posted by FightingMegaFoo on 05 Oct 20 at 03:48
MarekVitI never used assist, myself. But it doesn't seem like it voids achievements. Someone needs to confirm this though.
Posted by MarekVit on 05 Oct 20 at 19:10
FightingMegaFooIt looks like it works with all achievements. I've unlocked a bunch with assist mode on.
Posted by FightingMegaFoo on 09 Oct 20 at 00:58
SWT1984What's assist mode?
Posted by SWT1984 on 08 Dec 20 at 21:20
MarekVitIt's a feature added in the last DLC, that helps you with aiming and even prevents dying. t doesn't stop you from getting achievements! (Never used it, felt like I would be cheating.)
Posted by MarekVit on 09 Dec 20 at 06:06
Apostle92627I got every base game achievement (except one or two) with assist mode on. The game was too hard for me without it, and I would've given up on the game if I hadn't found it.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 25 Feb at 03:39
PNOIDSCHIZWas able to complete , cheevo didn't unlock. Do you have to play both game modes?
Posted by PNOIDSCHIZ on 17 Jul at 00:26