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You resisted temptation and never opened the Mysterious Case.

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31 Aug 2020 31 Aug 2020
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Early in the game you'll get a quest to check on a tenant "making bombs" in SANS LUXE apartments.
Lock picking the first apartment on the left (#6) will open a small room filled with computers and a weird hacker type called Satoshii.
He will hand you a suitcase between some gibberish techno-jargon.

Simply don't open the suitcase until you meet him again later in the game to get this achievements. The contents of the suitcase (for me) was 41 scraps.
SquirrelmanityThanks! It makes it really tempting since they label it as a value of $3000 in the inventory.
Posted by Squirrelmanity on 20 Jun at 04:04