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Situational Awareness

Make a Coaching Adjustment in the 4th quarter or OT.

Situational Awareness+0.2
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31 Aug 2020 31 Aug 2020
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In the 4th quarter of a game in any game mode before you select a play click on adjustments then change any of the sliders it doesn’t matter which you change. Then back out and choose a play, achievement will pop before the ball is snapped.
bangerbass87Anyone else having issues with this one? I've tried multiple times in different games and modes and it's still not popping.

UPDATE: This finally popped for me in the 4th quarter of a MUT challenge. It would not work for me in exhibition or franchise modes.
Posted by bangerbass87 on 01 Sep 20 at 05:01
erod550I think Super Sim might prevent it from popping.
Posted by erod550 on 05 Sep 20 at 01:48
Confirmed. You have to be sure to NOT sim to the end of the game. Changing the quarter lengths to 1 minute does help get the achievement quicker though.
Posted on 11 Sep 20 at 18:27
dwr3ck3dI just got this to pop in Face of the Franchise mode when they drop you in your first high school game in the 4th quarter. First thing I did was go make an adjustment and got the achievement as soon as I picked a play.
Posted by dwr3ck3d on 14 Sep 20 at 04:18
MikeL DD3Thanks for the tip @Chicken
Posted by MikeL DD3 on 30 Jan at 17:52