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Scotchmo has offered to join your party.

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02 Sep 2020 02 Sep 2020
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There will be a point at Ranger HQ where the refugees you let stay there will get into an argument with some of your ranger recruits and you will have to make a choice either to let the refuges stay in the room they are currently in or move them to the brig. Regardless of your choice, after this event occurs you can find Scotchmo in the cafeteria at Ranger HQ where he will then join your party. You can also find him at Union station apparently, but this would be the earliest location to have him join you. Also for the choice regarding the refugees, it would be best to side with them and let them stay in the room they are in as this gives you a rep boost with wasteland refugees, whereas choosing to move them gives you nothing in return and results in -10 rep with wasteland refugees.
xMoBBzYThe achievements in this game are so buggy.... my first playthrough I missed like 10 achievements that I definitely completed.

Currently on my second playthrough, I met scotchmo both times at union station and both times recruited him with no achievement! I'd suggest trying the first option, I was never aware he was at the HQ.
Posted by xMoBBzY on 04 Sep 20 at 02:03
risselessI have settled the refugees in the brig, and Scotchmo is nowhere to be seen in Ranger HQ. Maybe he's only there if you let them stay in the barracks?

UPDATE: He showed up once I got a cook for the mess hall.
Posted by risseless on 06 Sep 20 at 15:30
ShadowninjazzDKYou can still recruit him from the mess hall even after you meet him at Union Station. I tried recruiting him twice from Union Station without the achievement unlocking and him showing up in my character menu. Back at Ranger HQ I ran across him in the mess hall and talked to him. Achievement unlocked instantly after I finished my conversation with him.
Posted by ShadowninjazzDK on 09 Oct 20 at 06:17