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02 Sep 2020 02 Sep 2020
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There are a total of 40 notes scattered across all 4 seasons. Since the worlds are randomly generated it will be hard for me to pinpoint where they may be for you but I will provide you with some tips and a list of all of the notes:

It will tell you if and how many notes there are on an island on the map by hovering over it.

They spawn on and in buildings, bridges, rocks and occasionally benches.

They can spawn on walls and the floor.

I recommend making a save point before travelling to a new region so that you can re roll the world if you are unable to find a note.

You do NOT need all of them on 1 save at a time. I collected mine on multiple.

The List:

Find someone new
Sarah Howe
Heretics be cursed
At regrettable cost
The arrival
New life
The incident
A witch indeed
A record of liminal transgressions

The world is Alive
In good pursuit
To fall across the hollow
Our inquiry routed
In face of ruination
A mission

The Darkness
Activate the seed
Second season
Troubled by favor
Our misfortune grows
Full, yet hungered
Oh, dark rumination

Savage sons
Strange devices
Sorely compelled
The witch returned
The afterlife
Righteous Reappropriation
Last request
By power, remade
Casino83Thanks' for the hard work. toast But I'm struggling to find the "A record of liminal transgressions" Note, it must be on the first island Camp Mystic In Spring. The Note Counter says 2 but all I found the Tutorial Note "Find someone new " on this island. No matter how many new games I start. Any tips where you find yours ?
Posted by Casino83 on 03 Sep 20 at 18:00
xDarkSoul18xThat one for me was on the front door of the mansion that has the cherry blossoms and stuff.
Posted by xDarkSoul18x on 03 Sep 20 at 18:40
Casino83Ok, got it after the 7th new game it finally spawn in the Garage and the Achievement unlocks. headspin
Posted by Casino83 on 03 Sep 20 at 19:08
AKAGreenwayYeah I struggled with that one, couldn’t find it if it wasn’t on the front door.
Posted by AKAGreenway on 03 Sep 20 at 20:40
THE1WHTHEFORCEPretty sure you dont actually have to find every single on to get the achievement? I been picking up and reading the same notes again and again on different playthrough/save. And it counts on the tracker
Posted by THE1WHTHEFORCE on 03 Sep 20 at 21:52
AKAGreenwayThat wasn’t the case for me. It only ever tracked upon picking up a new note. Otherwise I would have had it done a long time ago.
Posted by AKAGreenway on 03 Sep 20 at 22:11
action pack matAnyone have an issue where a blank note spawned? In summer what looks to be a note is hung on a wall but there’s no scribbles on it and I can’t interact with it. I’ve scoured the island for a nother note but can’t seem to find one

Edit: Apparently, it was on the wall facing the wrong way. I got right on top of it and saw the scribbling on the back, facing the wall. I then got as close as I could and was able to interact with it.
Posted by action pack mat on 07 Sep 20 at 23:47
Tully123I spent about an hour looking for "A Record of Liminal Transgressions" only to find it stuck under the floor of the house.
Posted by Tully123 on 07 Oct 20 at 13:23
GrizzlyChipsFYI, when you're using the map to help you find notes Fall's 11 notes are actually 10, with the 11th (Activate the seed) coming from the storyline.
Posted by GrizzlyChips on 14 Oct 20 at 02:27
L a W L e S S HAnyone knows if they have the last request note (winter season)on their playthrough, only 8 notes are spawning on my map and ive done the story twice on 2 different consoles and i still cant find it. im on xbox btw
Posted by L a W L e S S H on 22 Oct 20 at 23:24
bowski477Thank you tully123 that's where mine was
Posted by bowski477 on 25 Oct 20 at 15:46
GV LocThank you Trully123. It was there. Thumbs up
Posted by GV Loc on 30 Oct 20 at 17:01
FFX BrotherhoodCan confirm Koar has them in his world. +1 to him for being an absolute legend
Posted by FFX Brotherhood on 03 Nov 20 at 13:04
VoltixX1I have little hint that worked for me. Looks like the first note (story-related) sometimes do not count toward achievement progress ( it happened for me and one of my friend). But when I read this note second time, after main quest completed, it counted (i did this right after, but he done this at the end of spring chapter). So it's worth finding and reading all these notes again, before you change biome.
Posted by VoltixX1 on 26 Jan at 08:49
kabinlikdusWhere did you guys find the 'To fall across the hollow' note? The note is on that one with a church on it (Dead Man's Gorge) It says 2 notes on the island, found one on a pole (In face of ruination) but couldnt find the other one :/
Posted by kabinlikdus on 23 Feb at 08:17
E vee dubSo this achievement requires finding all 40 different notes, not just find 40 notes.

Also, is it recommended we make a list when beginning this game? Not an achievement to really search all notes after 2 playthroughs?
Posted by E vee dub on 02 Mar at 13:47
GrumpyYogi1968well, am only missing 1 in winter, Your list shows 9, my islands show me 8. ''Last request'' is the note i am missing, I tried 3 times leaving Fall season and getting a new winter map. All 3 had 8 notes, all 3 are missing ''last request'' I must be missing something...
Edit: I finally got it. Needed 5 tries to finally have a winter map with 9 notes :)
Posted by GrumpyYogi1968 on 12 Mar at 04:33
HealttiYou can also join someone else's game whose tracker hasn't gotten scrambled in the biome your missing note spawns in. Remeber that the map can show both too many or too few notes on an island. Be careful and keep an eye on the log page in your inventory, as well as your achievement tracker.

You do NOT need all of them on 1 save at a time. I collected mine on multiple.
Wanted to highlight that. It's easy to miss something and move on without realizing. Luckily you can return to mop up collectibles via an earlier save, making this achievement not missable at least, despite the game warning you returning isn't possible.

I've suggested this achievement to be flagged as buggy.
Posted by Healtti on 25 Apr at 17:48
Drazer76Definitely buggy.
I’ve picked up every note multiple times in various games. Stuck at 39/40. 97%.
Thought maybe one wasn’t registering even though it was in the log.
Grabbed everything again.
But still nothing to push the counter up to 100%
Anyone else have that happen?
Posted by Drazer76 on 15 Sep at 23:21
Quasar69I have had one inside a house but was completely under the floorboards. Not visible at all.
I only found it cause of the 'Hold X Read Page' showed up.
Posted by Quasar69 on 18 Sep at 08:13
GRIFFi been re rolling autumn 4x now ... shows 10 out 11 every time... anyone knows whats going on here???
Posted by GRIFF#5971 on 24 Sep at 22:03
qManballinThe 1 lore I was missing was in Spring and on the starting island. Finally found it after seeing the message and picture of it from a Steam guide:

Hope that helps anyone... the dang page/note was literally 90% under the ground. What a glitchy garbo.
Posted by qManballin on 25 Sep at 23:38