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Chapter Two

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Chapter Two-0.2
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The CherishedThe Cherished861,609
03 Sep 2020 03 Sep 2020
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The final chapter will be a bunch of unskippable cutscenes until you are finally tasked with opening a locked box.

The combination is 130.

After you open it and examine what's inside, you'll have to do five "remember" sections to trigger the final unskippable cutscenes which will end the episode and unlock the achievement.
LordVespucciFor anyone curious as to why the combination is 130, it's written in the pages on the story about the Secrets Keeper (page 47)
Posted by LordVespucci on 04 Sep 20 at 02:37
koobiiiCouldn’t find the unlock code. Thanks 😊
Posted by koobiii on 05 Sep 20 at 13:13
TheOnlyMattoty. you read my mind as that was exactly what I was lookin for toast
Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 06 Sep 20 at 03:55