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Survival Skills

Complete Dingy Jungle without using a healing potion or losing a life.

Survival Skills0
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AC Rock3tmanAC Rock3tman1,687,080
08 Sep 2020 08 Jan 2021
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This achievement sounds harder than it is.

These are more tips/informations instead of an achievement guide:

1. You can take damage but you`re not allowed to lose your whole life (Big Red Heart).
2. You are not allowed to use a healing potion BUT you can eat fruits like apples to restore your life.
3. If you have trouble to get through the level without dying, just play on normal mode and set your class level completely down.

Edit 08.01.2021: @kanedaa
You can use the new Death Barter enchantment and still earn this.
Aki2403Completed this with a power level 113 character on Default II difficulty (testing to see how stupidly easy you can make this for yourself) and the achievement unlocked. On that difficulty my Llama, Sheep & Wolf took everything out so I completed the level without having to attack anything.
Posted by Aki2403 on 08 Sep 20 at 16:06
AC Rock3tmanYep that is pretty easy:) i did the kills by myself because i combined this with the Ocelot achivement and once i tried it, my golem killed an ocelot...
Posted by AC Rock3tman on 08 Sep 20 at 16:17
TIBERIUS Oniyou can use Totem of Regen to get out of a pinch. just got it on Apoc 2 using Totem, Iron Golem and Iron Hide
Posted by TIBERIUS Oni on 09 Sep 20 at 10:00
kanedaaYou can use the new Death Barter enchantment and still earn this.
Posted by kanedaa on 08 Jan at 12:53
AC Rock3tman@kanedaa thx for the info, i will add it to the guide.
Posted by AC Rock3tman on 08 Jan at 15:31
TwistedTBDoes anyone know if using a Soul Healer artifact voids the achievement??
Posted by TwistedTB on 10 Apr at 01:51
Skechy Boy@TwistedTB I'll attempt that in the next few days and let you know
Posted by Skechy Boy on 18 Apr at 21:18
kevgeotechI just unlocked this achievement this evening. I had a healing totem equipped and used that liberally throughout the level. I also had Death Barter which activated at one point and kept me from dying when I got trapped by a spider web and could not get away.
Posted by kevgeotech on 07 Sep at 00:44