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Mailbox Bandit

Find out who the Mailbox Bandit really is

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10 Sep 2020 18 Sep 2020
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Thanks to those that caught my errors in the comments and helped me make this better.

Early in the chapter you will go to the police station to meet Dee for lunch. There is a note on the wall to the left of the kitchen. Read that to mention “kid sized”. Go upstairs to drop off your file next to Eddy’s door.

When you are ready head to the kitchen and choose the cobbler. Pay attention to Dee outside and when a woman comes in to talk to her choose to “eavesdrop” to find out the Mailbox Bandit is an animal/raccoon. After that you can just wait or talk to Greggs. Dee will come in and mention catching the Mailbox Bandit. Hold LT and from the options, choose “it was an animal”. Achievement should pop shortly after she confirms.

If you miss the LT event or don’t get the “animal” option, you will have to retry the achievement through chapter select.
zZThe EdgeZzThe prompt for me read "an animal?" when Dee asked Alyson the question.
Posted by zZThe EdgeZz on 10 Sep 20 at 17:53
SquiSquiSquidioYou’re probably right on that detail, I’ll make the change as to not confuse anyone
Posted by SquiSquiSquidio on 10 Sep 20 at 18:47
marcinEcXYErr, yes, the proper answer is “an animal?” — you can learn it from eavesdropping talk between Dee and Dr T-something when you’re waiting.
Posted by marcinEcXY on 10 Sep 20 at 19:35
SquiSquiSquidioI saw someone out there while talking with Greggs, but the prompt wasn’t up long enough once I noticed it. Triggering that conversation isn’t a requirement for the animal prompt to show up it looks like
Posted by SquiSquiSquidio on 10 Sep 20 at 19:46
marcinEcXYYeah, but it’s imho proper way to know that’s “an animal” if someone would know why. Cheers.
Posted by marcinEcXY on 10 Sep 20 at 21:44
Ian333333You need to go upstairs and drop off the file before it'll let you take the cobbler
Posted by Ian333333 on 10 Sep 20 at 23:08
SquiSquiSquidioDammit, you’re right. I guess I figured “when you’re ready” covered that, but I should have known better. Thanks, I added it to the solution.
Posted by SquiSquiSquidio on 10 Sep 20 at 23:20
I Ebon Hawk II didn't get a prompt when talking to Dee. She just told me it was a raccoon and then the scene ended. Didn't get the achievement. I'll replay the chapter I guess.
Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 11 Sep 20 at 01:21
SquiSquiSquidioThats weird. Both times i played this scene she came in while i was talking to Greggs and i got the option to choose.

Make sure you don’t miss the prompt to hold LT
Posted by SquiSquiSquidio on 11 Sep 20 at 01:28
Oncogene27Mine popped a few minutes later when she goes out to get some air.
Posted by Oncogene27 on 12 Sep 20 at 16:00
DarkR PhantomYeah it's not story related. It's a missable achievement unfortunately. I missed it but that's alright I can go back and get the achievement. Great guide btw. You might add that tho. It can be missable.
Posted by DarkR Phantom on 18 Sep 20 at 06:49
SquiSquiSquidioDone. Thanks.
Posted by SquiSquiSquidio on 18 Sep 20 at 11:23