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Surge of Power

Upgrade Surge to the maximum level

Surge of Power0
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Metal CrusherMetal Crusher630,116
10 Sep 2020 14 Sep 2020
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In this guide I have outlined a method for obtaining the materials “Hidden Trend”, “Shaded Facet” and "Confiscated Motive" if you do not have enough of them after completing the DLC and defeating Hartman.

Do not spend your materials on mods or other weapon forms before upgrading Surge, as materials are difficult to acquire after completing the story.

*As of September 13th, 2020, there is a potential bug that after you upgrade Surge to level 2, level 3 will not be available. The only way around this bug right now is to mission select back and restart the DLC. Credit to “"

This is a list of all the materials you will need: (Credit to “”)
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Hidden Trend is dropped by defeated named enemies (mini bosses). The most guaranteed spawn of a named enemy is in a Bureau Alert.

*As of September 6th, 2020, there is a bug in which Bureau Alerts will not show up for you anymore unless you complete the mission "Put a Record On".

*As of September 6th, 2020, there is a bug in which the mission "Put a Record On" does not complete after the requirements have been met.

Both of these bugs happened to me so I was unable to get any Bureau Alerts to show up.
Shaded Facet is dropped by defeated enemies in the Investigations sector.

Confiscated Motive is dropped by defeated enemies in the Investigations sector.

Untapped Potential is dropped by "Anomaly" (defeated main bosses). You should receive one from Hartman after you defeat him.
Fast travel to “Bright Falls AWE Entrance” if you are not there already and go to the room that you fought Hartman in.

This room can spawn the following enemies:

- A named Hiss Warped that drops 1 Hidden Trend (sometimes also 1 Shaded Facet).
- Many different types of enemies, one of which will drop 1 Shaded Facet.
- Many different types of enemies, some of which will drop “Confiscated Motive”.
- Many times, no enemies.

*The rarest spawn is the named Hiss Warped.

After your attempt quit to main menu, continue game and go to the room to try again.
If you get any materials you need, go back to the control point (fast travel point) and hold cn_X and then cn_B to exit so the game saves before quitting to the main menu.

After I defeated Hartman at the end of the story in the DLC all I needed was Hidden Trend and had 4 of the 9 required for the last upgrade for Surge. I got the last 5 this way. It took me around 1 and a half to 2 hours to do so.

This is a video of the named Hiss Warped spawning in the room:
Dark2099This is a great guide, thank you.

I have all of the materials in line, but I can't seem to actually do the 3rd Surge upgrade. Pierce and one other weapon form aren't available for the 3rd upgrade either. I've dug around online and haven't found a solid answer either, so pretty disappointed.

Maybe if somebody else sees this and knows the solution it'll finally get this final achievement done.
Posted by Dark2099 on 11 Sep 20 at 23:56
Metal CrusherThanks. I didn’t have that problem so I don’t know. It might be a bug; the game seems to have many of them. You can always try to mission select back to “Endgame” and restart the DLC. Doing this will of course wipe everything you’ve done after your Endgame save. You can wait for a possible patch instead.

I had a bug in the base game that was preventing me from completing the side mission “Old Growth” that I needed to complete for an achievement. Mission selecting back to a previous chapter worked. I lost everything I did after endgame of course.

The closest I’ve found with others experiencing a bug like this is in the guide by baazfury and in the comments for the “Non-Standard Issue” achievement in the base game. This is the link to that guide:
ControlNon-Standard IssueThe Non-Standard Issue achievement in Control worth 53 pointsUpgrade any Weapon Form to Level 3

I found a guide for the DLC that says the Surge weapon upgrading can bug on you. The only way around it right now is to mission select back and restart the DLC. Credit to “”. Link to the guide:
Posted by Metal Crusher on 14 Sep 20 at 02:31
I Ebon Hawk II just finished this DLC. I was able to get multiple Hidden Trends from regular Hiss in the room where you fight Hartman. The solution is incorrect. You don’t have to farm named enemies to get Hidden Trends.
Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 25 Dec 20 at 18:26
MulticronXDammit. Got hit by this glitch. I already couldn’t upgrade two of my weapons to level 3. I was hoping the final AWE boss would drop a Untapped Potential so I could upgrade Surge but no dice.
Posted by MulticronX on 29 Dec 20 at 20:58
Mister BudsSurge isn't even an option for me to construct. Any ideas?

Edit: It was available for me after facing Hartman for the first time.
Posted by Mister Buds on 01 Jan at 20:51
SimmThe surge upgrades are unlocked from story progression. As you progress through the dlc, each upgrade becomes available after key moments. If the achievement doesnt unlock after upgrading to surge 3. Create a level 6 mod and put it on the gun... This fixed it for me and caused it to unlock, You may need to upgrade your mods level.
Posted by Simm on 27 Jan at 11:31
Kongo DragonI'm unable to upgrade to level 3. I also finished the DLC and did not recieve untapped potential. Games fucking awful.
Posted by Kongo Dragon on 02 Feb at 21:03
Raptures LostBugged for me, no option to upgrade to level 3. Definitely not replaying the whole thing again just for it to still not work.
Posted by Raptures Lost on 01 Jun at 11:01
Slayer8580Upgrade 3 did not appear for me after I finished the dlc it actually appeared after I picked up one of the materials needed for the upgrade
Posted by Slayer8580 on 19 Jun at 11:12
padawan92Upgrade 3 did not appear for me after I finished the dlc either. HOWEVER I did complete all the other achievements, the last one being the hidden one Altered Manifestations May Occur. After the boss fight in that achievement I think that the necessary material got dropped and I was able to upgrade surge to lvl 3.
Posted by padawan92 on 18 Aug at 16:32