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A New Chapter

Start writing a new chapter with Alyson

A New Chapter-0.1
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10 Sep 2020 12 Sep 2020
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To get this one you need to choose all the bad options in the playthrough (ones that will give you the separating icon):

I had to do a full replay of ch3 to get this after my first playthrough was to get the strong bond

WARNING: There is a small chance that if you went with all "good" choices in previous chapters, you might have trouble meeting the requirements for this achievement (same goes for making bad choices and getting the Tyler ending). This, plus Tyler ending and both bond achievements, are extremely vague and this guide is going based on how I unlocked the achievement after 2.5 playthroughs of Chapter 3.

-Fail the panic attack app on your phone
-Don’t tell Eddy you were the one that killed your mom (this seems to be the other important factor)
-Tell Michael you are too different
-You can break open the chest or entered the code to the chest (Leo) - just don’t solve all the main (3) puzzles

And most important, Choose to keep your memory that Mary-Anne was going to kill you.

(It’s possible there are some extra steps in there, but I don’t want to take any away and have you not get the achievement and do another playthrough. Choosing the left memory and lying to Eddy seem to be most important though) These should get you the ending where Alyson is at the house at the end. Go into Mary-Anne’s old room (room on first floor next to the phone) and sit at the desk, then choose to finish the story.

Achievement pops after some dialogue.

Thank you Erinx212 for the help
FlollyLFThe steps you mentioned for the achievement are correct but out of order.

1. Panic attack app
2. Don’t tell eddy about you being the one to kill your mom
3.Tell Michael you are different
4. Brake open chest
Posted by FlollyLF on 11 Sep 20 at 00:47
SquiSquiSquidioFixed, thanks.
Posted by SquiSquiSquidio on 11 Sep 20 at 00:50
The CherishedI mentioned this in the other solution, but I didn't have to physically break the chest to get credit for it. I simply inputted the code first thing and still got credit for "breaking it" since I didn't do the clue hunt.
Posted by The Cherished on 11 Sep 20 at 02:53
SquiSquiSquidioI went ahead and added that you could enter the code or break it. Thanks for the suggestion
Posted by SquiSquiSquidio on 11 Sep 20 at 12:46
R0CKER88Can i do it in skip mode or reset the whole chapter???
Posted by R0CKER88 on 11 Sep 20 at 15:21
SquiSquiSquidioPersonally, I would suggest resetting the whole chapter since these achievements depend on decisions you make.
Posted by SquiSquiSquidio on 11 Sep 20 at 16:27
AllysonDuckIt worked for me, but I do think chapters 1 and 2 choices are important for this Achievement.
Posted by AllysonDuck on 11 Sep 20 at 17:11
SquiSquiSquidio@AllysonDuck I was messaging with Maka last night and he seemed to have that issue. Just seems weird that you can get both following progress from 1 & 2, but some people have been having issues with choosing all bad choices and still getting strong bond.
Posted by SquiSquiSquidio on 11 Sep 20 at 17:30
Maka91Strong Bond - More than 50% good choices (whole game)
Weak Bond - More than 50% bad choices (whole game)
The Alyson vs Tyler ending may only be related to chapter 3 choices though, thats what im not sure about.
Posted by Maka91 on 11 Sep 20 at 17:57
R0CKER88Can i do it in skip mode or reset the whole chapter???
Posted by R0CKER88 on 11 Sep 20 at 18:08
SquiSquiSquidio@Rocker88 - answered you above, but I'd say go with resetting the whole chapter since the choices you make matter for this achievement.
Posted by SquiSquiSquidio on 11 Sep 20 at 18:19
Posted by R0CKER88 on 11 Sep 20 at 18:32
Christopher2123The way more flushed out, and meaningful ending tbh. The last quote, is very powerful
Posted by Christopher2123 on 11 Sep 20 at 21:40
SquiSquiSquidioSeems like that’s the best way to go (though as part of the conversation above, depending on how you played the first two chapters, there’s a chance one of the bond achievement requirements aren’t met)
Posted by SquiSquiSquidio on 11 Sep 20 at 23:42
rustyoldtunesI did a full replay and chose every separating option. I did not lie to Eddie and did not get this ending. Lying to Eddie seems to be vital
Posted by rustyoldtunes on 12 Sep 20 at 13:51
IRL Games XNope did not workangry
Posted by IRL Games X on 13 Sep 20 at 01:15
Soul UmbreonI got this achievement by replaying the whole game (unfortunately). I chose every option that benefited the twins being together. At the end, choosing "Mary Ann threatened Tyler" gives the ending of Alyson in the house to write the last chapter, along with the "Twins4Life" achievement. Choosing the other option has Tyler in the house at the end of the game instead.
Posted by Soul Umbreon on 13 Sep 20 at 17:35
ttfp saylowShame you can't have multiple saves…
Posted by ttfp saylow on 14 Sep 20 at 07:17
Dylan XBAI’m happy to play this game through again as I enjoyed it.

Am I right in that if I just choose all the bad choices for all 3 episodes I’ll get this achievement and the “life tears us apart” achievement?
Posted by Dylan XBA on 15 Sep 20 at 21:43
skittlebizFYI to break the chest in the loft, you have to go back down the hatch to the garage and pick up the crowbar which is on the floor where the fire was by the back door. Then go back up the ladder, and you should be able to break open the chest, just below the dials is the option. (you might have to play with the first puzzle a little bit first, which I did before going down the hatch.)
And like the other commenter says, closer to the end you should choose "Mary Ann threatened Tyler" (it's not as specific as "Mary-Ann was going to kill you"). Then you have to sit through a load of nonsense dialog with Tom, where you keep thinking "ugh, is this achievement going to pop soon?" But it's ok, just bang through the dialog and keep pressing skip. Then I finally got the achievement pop after sitting at Mary-Ann's desk and choosing "Write the last chapter" on the book on the desk.
Posted by skittlebiz on 16 Sep 20 at 00:19
SquiSquiSquidioIn theory that should be correct.

I didn’t do it that way, I played through normal just choosing the decisions that felt best to me, and got the achievement. There are certain triggers needed for this one (seems lying to Eddie and choosing the left ending) and I’m guessing the same for life tears us apart.
Posted by SquiSquiSquidio on 16 Sep 20 at 00:23
skittlebizAlso, after "Telling Michael you are too different" (which is never actually worded exactly like that - so just pick the option that sounds similar), he says something about Alyson, and one of the options is something like "Yeah I never really thought about that." I picked this and it brought the twins' connection back together - so I would AVOID this option. It didn't effect me badly though because I still popped the achievement in the end. I just wanted to add this comment just in case it's a tight race for breaking twins' connection under the hood, you might not want this positive connection.
Posted by skittlebiz on 16 Sep 20 at 00:28
SquiSquiSquidioI’ve been trying to remember what that dialogue option was, but haven’t had any luck. If anyone remembers, I’ll add it to the solution.
Posted by SquiSquiSquidio on 16 Sep 20 at 13:06
XBU PhilippeHave replayed chapter 2 and 3 with only options that seperated the twins, didn't get the scene, still there was Tyler at the house (though I got the achievement for a weakened bond). I guess I will have to replay the WHOLE game now... omg... Takes some time for just one achievement.
Posted by XBU Philippe on 17 Sep 20 at 18:52
GazzaLaddThanks for this. Was praying I wouldnt have to go back through Chapters 1 and 2 again to do this and thankfully I only had to follow this simple guide and got both the "new chapter" achievement and the "broken bond" too at the same time.
Posted by GazzaLadd on 17 Sep 20 at 22:53
ImiltheWingedWeird. I did all of these negative options and I got the Tyler ending somehow...
Posted by ImiltheWinged on 19 Sep 20 at 04:11
SquiSquiSquidioDid you choose the left ending on the dock?
Posted by SquiSquiSquidio on 19 Sep 20 at 15:07
CustomRyanThis Guide helped me out perfectly thank you!!
Posted by CustomRyan on 21 Sep 20 at 10:29
Catatonic NaliThanks, this worked for me as well.
I'd already done a mostly good blind playthrough and gotten the 2 "positive" achievements: the twins having a strong bond and the ending with Tyler leaving the empty house.
Took me another pass where I started from the beginning of chapter 2 and did all the bad choices, but without having looked at this guide I passed the panic attack phone app (didn't even know you could fail it tbh) and told Eddie that Alison was the actual killer (because I wanted the weak bond and confessing to Eddie felt like it would do more to stir up trouble between them, even though you don't get the bond icon either way). Doing this got me the twins weak bond achievement but I still got the ending with Tyler.
So I started again from the beginning of the police station in chapter 3 and did exactly what you outlined here. I can't say for sure whether that would have worked if I'd been totally bonded throughout chapters 1 and 2 but I can certainly confirm that what you tell Eddie certainly seems to count for a lot.
Posted by Catatonic Nali on 21 Sep 20 at 19:16
DeusZEROSo I did some experimenting. I replayed the entire game and only selected the choices that broke the twin's bond. Once I got to the conversation with Eddy in the third chapter I told him the truth, but otherwise followed this guide. I got the achievement for breaking the twin's bond, but got Tyler's epilogue.
I replayed from the "Paternity Test" section of Chapter 3. This time I did not tell Eddy the truth, but otherwise kept the rest of my choices the same. This triggered the epilogue with Alison.
Hopefully this info can help anyone trying to get this achievement or to at least make it quicker for them to pick it up.
Posted by DeusZERO on 04 Oct 20 at 01:20
EtifuloperI played through my first time and got this ending while doing the complete opposite, I beat the breathing game, told Eddy, bonded with Tyler, and beat the puzzles. The only thing I did was choose to stick with the story that their mum tried to kill them. For anyone willing to experiment this may be a final choice only trigger, as I reloaded from the choice outside of isolation mode and chose to believe Tom and got the other ending.
Posted by Etifuloper on 27 Oct 20 at 17:40
DO CRIMESDuring my playthrough, I chose all the options to strengthen the twins’ bonds, passed the anxiety test, didn’t tell Eddie the truth, and originally accepted Tom’s version of events to get the ending with Tyler.

I restarted from “Veni, Vidi, Vecchi” (not in isolation mode) and sped through to making the decision again, this time choosing to keep the twins’ memory. This got my the Alyson ending.
Posted by DO CRIMES on 01 Feb at 21:39