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Earn a total of 250 Hero Levels across the entire Hero Roster

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13 Sep 2020 13 Sep 2020
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I've been doing some testing and I think I've come up with the most efficient (albeit the most tedious!) way to increase your Hero Level quickly.

Load up the Character specific Harm Room for your chosen character on Challenge I and go through the first few challenges (perfect evades, parrys etc)

On challenge 3 or 4 you will have to use your support ability (LB) to defeat enemies ... Don't!

Keep spamming power attacks to beat them and infinite waves will continuously spawn in and your XP will increase in no time! I did this for an hour and went from Level 20 to Level 28. So roughly 8 Levels an hour or 1 every 7 and a half minutes.

I took a break, assigned my skill points and got another 8 levels in an hour (so it appears XP needed doesn't increase per level, or very slightly if so).

You'll need to get your parrying down as even in Challenge Level I you can die pretty quickly, but the game loads you immediately back to that checkpoint to continue.


I compared this to running Drop Zone missions and in the same time I levelled up 5 times, this was simply mainlining the objective, not searching for resources and playing Solo so as not to waste time waiting for Matchmaking.

I tested this with Cap but this may be even quicker with characters such as Black Widow or Thor who can overcharge to deal more damage and hence kill more enemies quicker.

I also can't say for certain but this MIGHT in the long run cut down time on the Power Level grind as missions should technically be easier and therefore quicker if you go in with all skills unlocked.

Hopefully this helps! Feel free to message me if you have any queries.
SchaafyWhile this is probably the fastest/easiest way to get hero levels up, doing Hive missions would be more efficient. Since you have to beat 50 Hive missions anyways, you may as well work on hero levels at the same time. On average I earn 3-5 hero levels per run of the power level 40 Hive in Utah Badlands. Doing this Hive mission takes about 15-20 minutes, maybe as little as 10 minutes if playing with others.
Posted by Schaafy on 13 Sep 20 at 22:19
brunopcosta1To be even more efficient, the best way would be doing Hive missions on Challenge III difficulty to level up. This way you work towards three different achievements! :)
Posted by brunopcosta1 on 19 Sep 20 at 05:44
DrJeklThis popped way early for me after failing the solo elite hive.
I only have maybe 150 total levels
Posted by DrJekl on 30 Dec 20 at 00:48
Dr AndromedaI launched the game and got the achievement, I'm missing 80 levels
Posted by Dr Andromeda on 27 Jan at 04:56
RiddlingLight52Is with a single hero?
Posted by RiddlingLight52 on 31 Jan at 07:36
DropDeadArtemusCan confirm it can unlock early. I just unlocked it with only 192 total hero levels.
Posted by DropDeadArtemus on 10 Feb at 10:57
KURSED SOULSjust pop for me at combined level 159 so it seems random
Posted by KURSED SOULS on 23 Feb at 21:44
Colesey7This just unlocked for me at 189 hero levels so seems to unlock randomly
Posted by Colesey7 on 06 Mar at 23:06
Colesey7This just unlocked for me at 189 hero levels so seems to unlock randomly
Posted by Colesey7 on 06 Mar at 23:16
DueAshUnlocked at about 205 hero levels for me
Posted by DueAsh on 10 Mar at 07:23
NutriWhipUnlocked at exactly 180 for me just now. Had 3 characters at level 50. Switched heroes at the war table and it unlocked when I selected when my level 50 characters.
Posted by NutriWhip on 13 Mar at 19:27
The SCHWARTZ 00Does this method still work?

EDIT: can confirm you still get levels from beating up enemies endlessly, but the XP gain is very slow now. I was a level 4 Black Widow, and it took me 20 minutes to get up to level 5. It might have been more efficient when this guide was first put up, but it looks like the XP was nerfed. Really not a viable solution anymore. You'd be better off just beating Hives and playing normally now.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 14 Mar at 21:25