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Win a game with each of the 32 NFL teams - wins count across all game modes.

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15 Sep 2020 13 Aug 2021
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Play a 1 minute quarter exhibition game with the browns on rookie difficulty.

Go to share and manage files on the main menu and download the roster titled 00VERALL which is a roster that has the browns with terrible ratings. The roster is by gamertag kpjets and that is a zero followed by a capital letter O.

Load the roster from Share & Manage files > Load files

Go back to exhibition mode.
Start from the top of the list with the bears and the opponent the browns.

No settings have to be changed.
Do kickoff then after the kick off super sim to the end.
Change the sim speed too fast.
After the match click finish game and it will go back to the main menu.

Make sure you see it says it saved your profile. IF NOT go and save it manually under the gear logo, share & manage files, and then save files.
Repeat for the 31 other teams.

After the last match which should be the vikings you will need to a 1 minute quarter match legitly against the terrible browns team and the achievement will pop at the end of the match.


Took me roughly a little over an hour to do this maybe closer to 90 minutes.
GoBlueFiddler13I don’t know how this wasn’t upvoted more. This 100% works and is way faster than the other solutions here.
Posted by GoBlueFiddler13 on 12 Jan at 05:41
rollosmAnother guide says you cannot sim. But I much preferred simming in Madden 18 so I'll try this method.
Posted by rollosm on 16 Jan at 00:20
J4CKA1This 100% works! I played 3 normally, then saw this solution. Simmed the rest except the last and it popped as soon as I finished the game. SO much faster than previous years.
Posted by J4CKA1 on 16 Jan at 00:27
rollosmAgreed, simming worked
Posted by rollosm on 19 Jan at 23:39
MaliiciousJust did this in one sitting start to finish simming every game except for my final one using the Browns. Popped as soon as I hit finish game. Upvote.
Posted by Maliicious on 30 Jan at 00:48
DK KempsterWorks, played first 13 legit then saw this, downloaded the poo browns team and simmed the rest, played the last game legit against Vikings, job done.
Posted by DK Kempster on 15 Feb at 16:11
mDoolin14Just used this method. Worked exactly as stated. So much faster. And to add, I had an OT game and it counted (awful Browns vs. awful Browns-forgot to do that one first).
Posted by mDoolin14 on 16 Mar at 03:50
Conqueror411Thx for this great solution, couldnt force myself to play all 32 games. Worked perfectly, upvotedlaugh
Posted by Conqueror411 on 03 Apr at 04:22
spxyu02This is the way.
Posted by spxyu02 on 24 Apr at 21:44
YazFromAlcatrazThank you. This solution worked perfectly!
Posted by YazFromAlcatraz on 11 May at 15:21
SarcasticJokerWhen you guys press “finish game” at the end of each match, does it really take you to the main menu or the menu where you select your teams under Exhibition? I am also not getting a game save being done after each match. Tried this method and others with no luck. Gonna give it another go by saving manually after each match and will report back.
Posted by SarcasticJoker on 22 Jun at 20:42
anthonyd46If you don't see the auto save icon then save manually before starting the next match. Should bring you back to main menu.
Posted by anthonyd46 on 22 Jun at 22:23
SarcasticJokerSo I was too lazy to do the whole save thing. All I really had to do was play the ENTIRE last match. Solution works. Thumbs up from me.
Posted by SarcasticJoker on 22 Jun at 23:03
FEEDtheBEA5TPerfect solution!
Posted by FEEDtheBEA5T on 02 Aug at 04:22
dresinosThank you. Worked perfectly after played a 1 minute quarter match legitly, using super sim in previous matches.
Posted by dresinos on 11 Aug at 14:00
anthonyd46I've had a few messaging saying that they simmed all the matches and it didn't pop. Make sure the last match you play it out FULLY with 1 min quarters. It will not unlock until you play that last match fully.
Posted by anthonyd46 on 11 Aug at 15:42
XxXTheAIRNESS23This popped after I played two different full 1minute quarter games. One was against the last team I needed to beat, and the other was with a random team. Awesome solution
Posted by XxXTheAIRNESS23 on 05 Nov at 04:03